Nazis in Sweden, gassing homes and scribbling graffiti against classical liberals

Some readers may remember Dan Park. He is an Artist who has done real jail time for ‘racism’ and is potentially facing another stint for saying things which are so obviously true of Islam, that only the most self blinkered would deny them, and even most religious muslims would admit is true of the religion and history, even if they spin it as good things.

Here is an interview I did with him not long after his speech at a PEGIDA demonstration in Malmo where he spoke.

Today, some real Nazis went to his home and emptied the contents of a fire extinguisher through the mail slot of his apartment which is in a fairly well secured building.

Before I go farther, I would like to go back to some first principles that appear to have been lost to the masses.

1: People use the term “Nazi” as an insult.

2. People consider the term Nazi an insult because of what they did, which was to round up the people who didn’t agree with them as well as Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, and the handicapped and kill them in gas chambers. There are other reasons as well of course.  But all of them stem from their genocidal and totalitarian extreme leftist points of view and actions.

So its quite ironic that someone who unleashed an entire tank of noxious gasses into someone’s apartment through the letterbox would scrawl: “Nazi Pig” on the door of his house.


To the best of my knowledge, Mr. Park has never gassed anyone, said a bad word about gays, Jews, or the handicapped or acted in any way in accordance with the National Socialists of 20th century Germany. But the person who attacked him by his use of graffiti identifying him as an ‘outlander’ group and hating him, thats pretty much right out of the Brownshirt handbook for jackbooted totalitarianism.

Liberty DK has done a translation of this article on the matter from Swedish Press

Street artist Dan Park’s residence vandalized and Nazi epithets scrawled on the door.
At 03:30 last night Wednesday, Dan Park, the controversial Swedish artist, was terrorized by as yet unknown perpetrators. They emptied a fire-extinguisher through his mail slot and wrote “Nazi Pig” with red spray paint on his door.
The vandalism was discovered by a neighbor who called the police. Police have secured the technical evidence, and have seized spray paint as well as fire extinguishers.
One can only gain entrance through the front door of the apartment compound with a passcode and his name was not on the door.
Dan Park is doing fine under the circumstances.





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  1. I can’t think of any nation that has the freedom they had ten years ago, granted most European nations were moving towards totalitarian governments but once Obama was elected in the US they accelerated their moves to the left and removed so many more rights we use to enjoy.

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