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6 Replies to “German Police. Not exactly a dream job”

  1. Thank-you, Rita-
    A “miscarriage” ? My goodness, what a strange curse-equivalent! Their repertoire is otherwise quite limited.

    I’m missing you, can’t keep up with all your contributions. Those who would most benefit are least likely to take advantage of what we have here. They’ll do anything to avoid cognitive dissonance.*

    *A term Eeyore taught me, hope I’m using it correctly. Live in dread of Mrs. Malaprop.

  2. The German civil war comes closer and closer, the government will probably end up supporting the Moslems and opposing patriotic Germans who are fighting for civilization.

    • They do already – Merkel (in co-habitation with the Greens and a ferociously ambitious opportunist) is already singing from the same songsheet as Media and the Left, accusing PEGIDA of being Nazis and extreeeeeeeme right wingers, and the poor poor poor “rrrefugeeeeees” being the victims. Well I should not surprised, she was a Stasi and once a Stasi always a Stasi. What hope has Germany got? She is supposed to be the Conservative side.

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