Watching civilization commit suicide is very sad indeed: links 2 on Aug. 28 – 2015

1: Australia cancels one program to try and find illegals living in Ozzie cities.

2. Ezra at The Rebel Media has started a petition to end government funding for muslim only buildings in Toronto. You can add your name here and for those who have not seen his video on it, it can be watched here. It is really very good.

3. 9 civilians killed as India and Pakistan exchange fire over disputed border

Srinagar, India (CNN)India and Pakistan blamed each other Friday for exchanges of fire over their disputed border that killed nine civilians and wounded dozens more.

The violence is the latest flareup along the heavily armed frontier.

Six people were killed and 46 were wounded on the Pakistani side, its military said in a statement.

Three people were killed and eight were wounded on the Indian side, said Pawan Kotwal, a military official.

4. Facebook Must Obey German Law Even if Free Speech Curtailed: Minister

Facebook will have to abide by German laws banning racist sentiment even if it might be allowed in the United States under freedom of speech, Justice Minister Heiko Maas said in an interview with Reuters.

Maas, who has accused Facebook of doing too little to thwart racist and hate posts on its social media platform, said that Germany has zero tolerance for such expression and expects the U.S.-based company to be more vigilant.

“One thing is clear: if Facebook wants to do business in Germany, then it must abide by German laws,” Maas told Reuters. “It doesn’t matter that we, because of historical reasons, have a stricter interpretation of freedom of speech than the United States does.

“Holocaust denial and inciting racial hatred are crimes in Germany and it doesn’t matter if they’re posted on Facebook or uttered out in the public on the market square,” he added.

(Worrying about pesky details like what comprises ‘racism’ etc. I guess are things that one worries about later after the tools are in place to shut down anything you call racist)

5. Chad sentences 10 Boko Haram members to death

The 10 were convicted over their roles in twin attacks on the capital in June, which killed at least 38.

The attacks were the first by the Nigerian-based group in Chad, which hosts the headquarters of a regional force set up to fight the militants.

In July, Chad reintroduced the death penalty for acts of terror.

6. A highly depressing article by Daniel Greenfield on the Islamic take over of the US via church conversions. Depressing or not, it should probably be read anyway.

7. Virginia killer identified with 911 attackers and other attackers of America.

8. Serbian Minister Bans Anti-Migrant Protests

Nebojsa Stefanovic, Serbia’s Interior Minister, on Wednesday banned protests against refugees in Serbia after two far-right organisations, Nasi [Ours] and Srbski obraz, announced a rally next Monday.

The groups denounced what they called “an EU plan” to settle 400,000 migrants in Serbia.

“We will not allow the expression of intolerance and hatred to be something that is characteristic of Serbia. The Ministry of Interior will not allow any meetings against migrants and people passing through Serbia, who were forced to do so because of difficult conditions or war in their country,” Stefanovic stated.

He said Serbia was proud of its traditions and would not allow “fascist manifestations”.

9. Ghana investigates Islamic State recruitment in universities

Graduate Mohammad Nazir Nortei Alema was confirmed as one of those who have joined IS

IS agents recruited students after urging them to join radical online forums, National Security Coordinator Yaw Donkor told state media.

Mr Donkor confirmed that two Ghanaians had travelled to join IS, the first such cases that have been reported.

Ghana has so far been unaffected by Islamist militancy.

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, Richard, Krishan B., and all. Working on a few things more.

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2 Replies to “Watching civilization commit suicide is very sad indeed: links 2 on Aug. 28 – 2015”

  1. I don’t have a vocabulary large enough to express my thoughts on the actions the European governments are taking to end freedom and civilization.

    The left has been working for over a century to destroy the nation state so they could create their one world government “Utopia”, at the moment they seem to be destroying the nation state but it is more likely to be replaced by various dictatorships and city states then by their idea of utopia. for a good idea of what is coming read


    The idea of a decentralized war is appealing to the left and others who want to destroy Civilization but in reality this is simply classic Guerrilla war and there are classic counters to the actions of the guerrillas. This type of war is coming to the west thanks to our traitors leaders who want the utopia Marx promised. What the Moslems and Leftest forget is that with their control of the governments they are going to be the target of the guerrilla war rather then being the guerrillas. And what they don’t seem to grasp is that the closets to a fourth generation war that has ever been fought was the American Revolution in its first year of conflict. During that time we had no true leaders and it was simply individuals and groups deciding that they were going to fight. Now the fighting in the US will probably be started by vets who will have organized and to an extent will have political leaders among their group. Hopefully there are enough vets in Europe who are fed up with their governments betraying their nations to provide a cadre for fighting there.

    This fighting will be decentralized for a while but will eventually become centralized, the big danger is that the various groups will have different ideas of what the post war government is suppose to look like and will decide to create small city states to ensure that their dream government and society exists. This is what happened in Renaissance Italy and the ensuing chaos lasted centuries.

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