NBC video on Islamic State use of Janissaries

This clip is extraordinarily lacking in information for one called, “ISLAMIC STATE Brutalizes Boys To Create An Army Of Child Soldiers”

While they clearly are allowing themselves to show the brutality of the Islamic State in a small scale way, they utterly fail to mention the history of Islam and Janissaries from the Ottoman Empire on back to Mohamed. This omission is a lie of sorts, much like when your spouse says where she was last night but not that she was with her lover. The omission of this salient piece of information changes the complexion of the information a great deal.

This is typical of course of modern news services which seek to disinform the public for the illusion of stability rather than allow people to know facts which would equip them for better decision making.

In fact the 2014 movie, ‘Dracula Untold’ actually does a better job of exposing the facts of Islamic use of other people’s children to be used as weapons against their former peoples than this clip despite its name. For those who enjoy that kind of film, Dracula Untold is recommended both for its entertainment value and the odd bit of history they manage to sneak past the censors. This clip though, is just part of the Narrative. And the narrative reads that Islam is the hero, and some warped hijacked form of it is the problem for reasons no one understands.

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  1. There were two reasons the Turks used Janissaries, first it proved to the conquered and non conquered who was in charge and second the kids that were taken were generally more disciplined fighters. Hopefully the west will wake up and remove the threat before these child soldiers are turned loose. Hopefully but I doubt this war will be finished before they are turned loose on the west.

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