Germans begin to react to Merkel’s anti-German rhetoric

Angela Merkel booed in public by regular indigenous Germans

After she gave a short speech explaining that Germany will have no tolerance for actual Germans who do not want to see their nation destroyed by EU regulations which allow mass uncontrolled muslim immigrants, she is booed on departure as well. (video of speech being examined for translation now)

Anti Merkel protest:

Thank you M and Oz-Rita. More to come on this.

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8 Replies to “Germans begin to react to Merkel’s anti-German rhetoric”

  1. This article explains what is happening, the self proclaimed elite have been ignoring the oridinary people for a long time. After all they are smarter and better educated then their opponents, this is proven by the fact that the elites policies are opposed. Now the ordinary people are tired of the lies and betrayals of the elites and are starting to let the so called ruling class know about their feelings of betrayal. The problem is that the self proclaimed elite are really not elites and in their arrogance are ignoring that the people want.
    Alexander Hamilton (he was an elitists himself) said the masses are asses, this statements sums up the feelings of the vast majority of the self appointed rling class around the world.

    Donald Trump and the Other Class Warfare
    When democratic masses tire of being condescended to.

  2. Reaction to the writing and to Richard as only comment before this:
    What you say is true, but they are absolutly not educated at all, ceausescu`s wife was also not while being secretary of education, ha ha! If one was educated they would see what is comming instead of making this filthy insidious evil actions all planned at the latest bilderbergmeeting in the south of Germany lest june, because after that it all started. Every criticism over here in the Netherlands where i life is also stashed with this argument of low educated. For example the one who dear to be against this redfascist`s and their foreighn muslim and hostile black fronttroopes
    They will all paye the big price very soon!! Ceausescu was waving in the morning on the big square, and he was against the wall in the evening, and thats how quick it can go and it is exactly what they deserve, and it will happen! This Marxisme is on its peak after almost 60 years of brainwashing our youth. It reached the final end! They know that somehow, and they are very affraid and will shoot at there own people if they have too. But if we get them they will not have a proces. After beating them half to dead and lycnch them (thats already how big the anger is) we will beat them just so much that they will tell us who did give the order and made up this plans (war against their own people) after that we will hang ore shoot them inmediatly. So painfull as possible.
    This fucking scum!!

    • I am sorry that I misread your comment, the weather has been giving me massive back aches and headaches.

      I am glad that you answered this gives me a better feel for what the ordinary people are thinking, your reply fits in with what history tells me is going to happen. The anti politician and anti jihad actions we are currently seeing are going to grow until they break out as open rebellion to the administrations that are selling out civilization. The ordinary people in Europe (for that matter in the entire western world) are smarter then the so called ruling class think, they recognize what is happening around the world and are growing more and more frustrated and angry as their very legitimate concerns are laughed at and they are called racist for wanting to protect their nations and cultures.

    • I didn’t say the people getting mad are well educated (although some are) but they are tired of being treated as second class citizens and being ignored while the so called elite sells out our country.

    • At least a traitor to civilization, we are at a turning point of history and will have to wait to see which direction the world is going in, will we return to a dark age or will we go into a new era of exploration?

  3. Obama tells Merkel he appreciates her leadership on migrant crisis

    President Barack Obama in a phone call with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday voiced appreciation for her leadership in dealing with the migration crisis in Europe, the White House said.

    Obama particularly cited Merkel’s recent decision to ease the burden on other countries by providing haven to Syrian refugees, the White House statement added.

    The surge in migrants seeking refuge from conflict or poverty in the Middle East, Africa and Asia has confronted Europe with its worst refugee crisis since World War Two.

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