Influential muslim intimates veiled threats to Quebec if they do not pass Bill 59

As readers of this site will know, there has been a debate all week in the Quebec legislature about potential passage of a bill called, Bill 59.

There is so much wrong with it one doesn’t know where to begin. But begin we must for its the first flush of the principles of the enlightenment and Western Civilization and it will spread from Quebec across the Western world as people, most notably leftist and muslim groups, see this as a model of how to implement phase 1 of sharia blasphemy laws.

The clip below is a couple of short segments of a very influential muslim, Imam Salam Elmenyawi. in Montreal, who I am reliably informed is head of an organization what represents 70 islamic institutions including being the chaplain of McGill and Concordia University.

While an astute observer would be able to find quite a few flaws in this man’s ‘reasoning’ the one that concerns this website the most is the fact of selective enforcement. We can say with certainty that bill 59 will never be used to stop a muslim preacher from explaining to his congregation how all non-muslims are inferior and unworthy of the most basic of human dignities let alone rights, and that Jews are somehow apes and pigs etc. These notions, which compose a significant majority of the koran and hadiths, will be considered protected speech under their religious rights, while any attempt to point this out will be prosecuted under Bill 59.

How can I know this? The website Point De Bascule already attempted to take a hate preacher to task under already existing hate crimes laws and the case was refused. And that was in 2008. This new tool will only sharpen the distinction and make the fines for criticism of islam that much easier to prosecute and the fines that much more painful.

In these two clips of his testimony, the totality of which can be seen here, we can see everything from careful wording to guarantee that ridicule of non-islamic world views will be perfectly OK, while islam will be uniquely protected, to what sure sounds like a threat at the end of the second clip.

Thank you Sassy for translating these and sending them our way.

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