The Frankfurt School, the far left, and the destruction of a people and a culture.

Recently the news has been flooded with images and stories of a great monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, who worked tirelessly with Churchill to fight and defeat the Nazis and more recently, struggles to stay alive every day to save us from having her idiot, leftist, muslim son, Charles from being the next King.

One has to wonder why, all of a sudden, is this loathsome attack on the dignity of her Royal Highness QEII taking place in such a spectacular fashion, and using the most classic defamation of modern times, association with the Nazis. Something which is true of many leftists in both actions and beliefs, but never really publicized in the MSM, while any person who holds an office which is a conservative or traditional icon of the culture is defamed in any way possible.

So I thought I would get ahead of the curve and start in on some of the American’s most sacred icons of traditional moral and family life. Get ready for it. You may have seen it here first, but you will see it and things like it everywhere and often very soon.

Lassie as a 10 month old pub, practices his sieg Heil at Timmy's direction

Lassie as a 10 month old pup, practices his sieg Heil at Timmy’s direction

Thank you Gates of Vienna for the excellent photoshop on Blockleiter Lassie

Post Script: Check out this Home and Garden from 1938, 5 years AFTER the Queen photo when she was 7 and the German War machine hadn’t started its horror.

Lets take a picnic at Hitler's lovely country estate

Lets take a picnic at Hitler’s lovely country estate



And lastly, everyone’s favorite photo (real actually!) of Herr Hitler in traditional Bavarian folk dress, ready to dance The Bird

Hitler in Lederhosen

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10 Replies to “The Frankfurt School, the far left, and the destruction of a people and a culture.”

  1. The far left wants to replace the Royal Family with a Central Committee, they are smart enough to know that the Royal Family is a rallying point for the patriotic Brits once things start falling apart. Since the left thinks it is important to start destroying the Royal Family right now we can expect more attacks on them and on the groups that oppose the Moslem/Leftist conquest of the west.

    The coming attacks won’t be limited to Britain or the Commonwealth but will occur in all western nations.

    • That’s for sure … and, just as planned. Whatever else could be the reason for such a desire for western gov’ts to import large numbers of people with a hostile ideology?

      They say its for economic reasons but we have seen how the cost far, far exceed the benefit, as if there was to be any such benefit or if that was just another misdirecting argument for the plan.

      • You are right, I have watched the successful attacks all of my adult live and when I told people about them I was called a dangerous paranoid. I have seen the current war growing ever since we fought Gulf War I and didn’t remove Saddam, we were then considered weak and the Clinton administration reinforced that idea.

  2. Some years ago my father was invited back to his hometown of Frankfurt. As an octoagenarian professor of physics, he was feted in the Great Hall where the paintings of the Kings of Deutchland hang in splendor, and was offered an Honorary Citizenship of the city. He refused, and told them they should have offered him the citizenship when they hounded him and his family out of town in 1937. Now the divine revenge. Germany, and Europe, is colonized by those whom she helped by wiping out the Jews. Its a fair exchange. six million dead Jews for six million live Muslims. Or if we take the Gilad shalit ratio, for five hundred thousand German Jews expunged or exiled 500 hundred million Muslims.

  3. In one of my favorite Woody Allen films, ‘Anything Else’, he quotes someone or other who said,

    (paraphrasing) ‘If God destroyed the world for the crimes of the Nazis, one could see how that could be just’.

    As my only understanding of these crimes is from brilliant books like Man’s Search for Meaning by Victor Frankle and some conversations and lectures from survivors, I cannot truly comprehend the horror the way your father must. And I have nothing but sympathy for your father and all like him.

    But it wasn’t the contemporary Germans who deserve to be punished. They deserve to be supported. The muslims who are taking over Germany ARE the Nazis just like they were when they conquered India and killed over 60 Million Hindus. Or when the Ottomans slaughtered and enslaved so much of Eastern and Central Europe and killed 1.5 million Armenian Christians. The list of the spirit of evil that lives in the islamic faith is long and written in suffering. And so while I sympathize genuinely and deeply with your father and all who share his experience, we had better be damn careful who we pick to manifest that sense of revenge.

    Civilization cannot exist on an island. Cooperation as a strategy needs as many participants as possible. So Germany’s survival as a liberal democratic trading nation is as critical as is Canada and everywhere else not yet fully infected with the near supernatural level of horror and destruction which is the signature of islam wherever it manages to infect to the point of killing its host. Lastly, I have known and worked with many German people over my lifetime and have to say they have all been wonderful. I cannot wish islam upon them. They were not Nazis or Nazi sympathizers. They are the same Germans that existed for millennia before the few short years of the Nazi insanity and rebuilt themselves after. If there is a spirit of Nazism that needs fighting it is so clearly islam. So why support that at the expense of a great and beautiful people.

    • But even more importantly, if you engage the meme “The Germans deserve what’s happening to them because of the Nazis” (or “The Germans don’t deserve what’s happening to them because of X”) , you’re supporting the fallacy of collective responsibility, and especially the collective responsibility of someone in this era for the sins, real or imagined, of people in another era.

      My great-great grandfather owned slaves. I am not responsible for that, and I will not feel guilty over it.

      People do not bear responsibility collectively. They bear responsibility individually.

      Assigning collective responsibility is the core function of socialism. Don’t fall into a socialist trap.

  4. I do not understand the relation of the tittle with the post.

    In any case, the members of the Frankfurt School were all Jews, not Muslims.

    • Much of what is in the post is the consequence of the narrative of the Frankfurt school. And they are working closely with Islam to help destroy Western civilization. And the people in the Frankfurt School were atheist leftist communist. (redundant I know but to be clear) and were not Jews per se other than by heritage or ethnicity. There were far more Jewish people who worked against that ideology but they never get mentioned.

      Muslims who work to destroy us do it because Islam demands it. Jews are not a hive mind and you will find them on every side of every issue like any other non-ideologically based group.

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