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3 Replies to “Italian citizens protest flood of illegal immigrants and associated costs”

  1. All Western nations must have control of their borders if they are to survive as free nations, this is why the left wants open borders.

  2. Well its the Jews causing all this chaos and its websites like this who promote a one sided Jewish take on the World .

    • What is interesting about the tautological brand of antisemitism so common in the West is that other forms of racism present people as subhuman or inferior, while this brand of antisemitism presents Jews as supermen, capable of anything including but not limited to, manipulating the world view of everyone. In this case, Jews are guilty of creating the immigration problem of letting millions upon millions of muslims who hate Jews and want them all dead, into Western nations for some reason (far left commie Jewish people who are communists not Jews, not withstanding) as well (as this poster above points out) also presenting this immigration problem in a light which will make people question it.

      So like the character in the fascinating movie, ‘The Believer’, shows that antisemitism is not connected to any attribute but is applied like paint onto any attribute of the human condition that can be spun as negative or malicious.

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