Geopolitics, nuclear weapons and Islamic State attack on Turkey and more: Links 3 on July 20 – 2015

1. As usual, after muslims attack us and kill us and demand that we submit to their values and laws, the most important thing is stopping any backlash against the people who do these attacks and support them, even if its just a few Facebook posts which state the obvious truths.

2. United States refuses to sell weapons to Nigeria to fight Boko Haram due to ITS Human rights record. 

However, the US refuses to sell weapons to Nigeria because of concerns over its army’s human rights record.

Mr Buhari wrote in an article published in The Washington Post just before meeting Mr Obama that “our allies can provide much-needed military training and intelligence as our soldiers take the war effort to Boko Haram”.

Mr Obama did not give any indication after his meeting with Mr Buhari that the US would provide military assistance to Nigeria.

Mr Buhari also wrote that he was seeking US assistance in “locating and returning $150 billion in funds stolen in the past decade and held in foreign bank accounts on behalf of former, corrupt officials”.

3. Nejib Belhaj-Chtioui pleads guilty to terror hoax charges

Nejib Belhaj-Chtioui has been sentenced to 20 months behind bars after he pleaded guilty Monday to two terror hoax charges.

Belhaj-Chtioui was arrested on Dec. 7, 2014 at Montreal’s Trudeau International Airport after he disembarked from a flight from Tunisia.

According to the warrant issued for his arrest, Belhaj-Chtioui was alleged to have transmitted information and committed acts that gave investigators reason to believe could be linked to terrorist activities, between May 13 and May 20, 2011. ?

After pleading guilty in court today, a judge sentenced him to 20 months in jail, which leaves Belhaj-Chtioui with eight months left to serve.

Once he is released, he will have several conditions to abide by, including restricted access to the internet.

Belhaj-Chtioui can only have internet access at work and at home, and he must provide police with his IP address at all times. He is also forbidden from using social media.


(The French version is lightly different but not sure how just yet)

4. Rescue boat turned away in Sicily

Despite lengthy discussions with Italian authorities the migrants on a boat operated by medical charity Doctors Without Borders, were turned away due to a “lack of capacity in the Italian (migrant) reception system,” said a statement from the group.

The boat then began headed for the port of Reggio Calabria on the far southern tip of Italy with hopes to land on Saturday.

Italy is struggling to host more than 80,000 migrants who have crossed the Mediterranean fleeing war, persecution or poverty in the Middle East and Africa.

Italian authorities gave permission Thursday for some of the migrants on the Doctors Without Borders (MSF) boat to disembark at the Sicilian town of Trapani, but the charity rejected that idea due to tensions aboard the overcrowded vessel.

5. Gates of Vienna did a more articulate explanation for the Queen E II and Lassie the Nazi post here. 

6. In this edit of the explosion in Turkey today, it is explained who the group is that was bombed and where it was etc.

7. Suspected Boko Haram Fighters Kill 23 in North Cameroon

Suspected Boko Haram militants have killed more than 20 people including multiple children in their latest attack on northern Cameroon, easily overwhelming the few soldiers posted at the targeted village, residents said Monday.

More than 80 assailants stormed the village of Kamouna, located near Lake Chad in the northern strip of Cameroon that lies between Nigeria and Chad, on Sunday night, said Pastor Edward Ngosu, a Nigerian missionary who has been based in the village for four years.

Only seven soldiers were present at the time, and they were quickly overwhelmed, Ngosu said. “They began shooting in the air to scare the attackers” but were unsuccessful, he said, adding that 23 people were killed.

Residents had asked the military for more protection last week after suspected Boko Haram fighters conducted a raid near the village and stole livestock, said Bachirou Ahmad, another resident.

8. More info on mohamed Abdul Aziz and his Islamic State connections and inspirations as well as warnings of what may come. In fact, this video contains a great deal more actual information than we are used to from TV news.

9. Turkish government blames the Islamic State for today’s attack, and an analyst parses down some of the various factions within Turkey that helps to spread light on the obvious questions about why the IS would attack Turkey.

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, ML., Richard, LCC, and all who contributed today.

In 2006, a brilliant reader of VladTepesBlog, sent in this link to a fantastic lecture on nuclear physics. This is just over an hour, but is well presented and requires no math. But it does contain enough actual information, real information, that anyone who has paid attention throughout this presentation can get a good idea about Iran and what it is doing. I mean an educated opinion. Remember, this is nearly 10 years ago this lecture was delivered. So one can guess where Iran is now in its program. Especially if you add in news reports about factories for remote control carving of conventional high explosives that you need to make a plutonium based device, explained in this lecture.

It is actually pretty entertaining to watch. I have done so many times. He also shows proof of Saddam’s nuclear program that I think he said, Clinton bombed under direction from the UN.

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