Foxes watching the hen-house, and a collection of news items with some gravitas: Links 1 on July 12 – 2015

1. Muslim attacks wine in store in Paris because its Ramadan

(This is what sharia law is, and how it is enforced. ‘Moe’ muslim on the street just makes it so expensive and dangerous to preserve your own laws and culture that people submit. It requires no act of legislation, no vote and no official change. Just a gang of thugs, seemingly protected from the legal consequences of their actions, to make it impossible to live how you want)

2. Inside the jailhouse beating of Carlos Larmond: Terror twin recruiting “soldiers of Islam”

Carlos Larmond’s time in jail since his arrest on terrorism charges in January has been anything but quiet, with him allegedly trying to recruit “soldiers of Islam” and ending up on the wrong side of a vicious two-on-one fight that left him hospitalized.

Since his arrest at a Montreal airport by the RCMP on charges of leaving the country to wage terrorism, Larmond, 24, has earned a name at Ottawa’s Innes Road jail for allegedly threatening non-Muslim prisoners. According to one inmate, Larmond told prisoners if they don’t convert to Islam their families on the outside would be killed by ISIL.

(Despite the effort the Citizen uses to preserve the narrative that islam is peace and these men are an aberration, one can get the clear idea from reading this article that there is a very distinct and critically important difference between criminal and political activity. It would appear that those other inmates overall at that corrective facility are not enthralled with islam and its philosophy and its ambitions. And that would very likely be that none of them wish to destroy this country and change its culture and laws, but merely that they had attempted in some way to break them to personal advantage. Even the MAFIA need a decent non-corrupt banking system to store their own ill-gotten wealth and need to know that the overarching systems of our democracies work in a consistent and honorable way. Not so with islam or Marxism which seek to bring down the temple itself.)

3. Israel:  Suspects Arrested over Church Arson

Two separate churches were torched in the attack: the Tabgha Church of the Multiplication, which was also tagged with graffiti, and the Catholic Church of Capernaum. Both are located in the Tiberias area, near the Kinneret.

(No names were given in this report so you can save the click for the moment)

4. Amnesty’s blood libel against the IDF (update)

(A few years ago, it became impossible to ignore that so many organizations which initially had been about spreading and ensuring classical liberalism had been subverted by the far left. Amnesty International is clearly among them. We have listed some of their other ludicrous pro-muslim, anti-Israel and anti Stephen Harper pronouncements before here, while they are magnificently silent about real and grotesque human rights violations daily by the Islamic world.)

Amnesty International created a publicity film for its newly released”Gaza Platform” which I have proven uses inaccurate data meant to bash Israel. under the pretense of being noble.

The film includes this section that is a complete, provable lie.

(Go to source for the balance of the article please where they show how Amnesty Int. distorted facts to support a false narrative)

5. Hooded and shackled: 100 Chinese Muslims who were ‘plotting to join ISIS in Syria’ are deported from Thailand

    • More than 100 Chinese Muslim Uighurs have been deported from Thailand
    • It is claimed they were on their way to wage jihad in Iraq, Syria or Turkey
    • A group of 173 sent to Turkey after Thailand determined they were Turkish
    • But the remaining 109 were determined to be Chinese, it was claimed
    • Uighurs in China’s far west have complained of harsh treatment by Beijing

6. Wallingford police called after Nazi, Confederate merchandise found at flea market

WALLINGFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Over the weekend, Wallingford police were dispatched after someone called them to say there was a merchant selling Nazi and Confederate memorabilia at flea market, which some had found deeply offensive. The police chief says no one was arrested because no laws were broken; the items were being sold on private property.

It’s not clear if the items that were being sold were authentic, but they’re easy to find in Connecticut. Military Specialties, Inc. in Newington sells a variety of historical military objects, including those produced by the Third Reich and Confederate reproductions.

(For the moment, the 1st amendment applied, But lets see what happens to the people involved and lets see if new measures are enacted by municipalities to deal with this later on)

7. Flashback: Hillary Clinton on gay marriage

Thank you Sassy, M., Wrath of Khan, Richard, and many more and more to come shortly.

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  1. #1/ Mohammedans deliberately put themselves outside Western law when they enforce sharia. They are effectively outlaws with respect to Western law. It may come to be that the full consequences of being an outlaw may yet be visited upon such miscreants. In earlier times before the institution of police forces outlaws were outside the protection of the law, i.e. fair game for vigilantes.

    If Western police forces don’t step up their enforcement of the law, it is not hard to predict the reaction to these outlaws from an increasingly put-upon public

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