The rapidly imploding US of A., Islam and its agents of destruction in the West: Links 2 on July 12 – 2015

1. Iraqi Officials: Bombings Across Baghdad Kill 29, Wound 81

No one immediately claimed responsibility for the attacks. However, the Islamic State militant group is often behind assaults on checkpoints and other locations across the capital as it seeks to challenge Iraqi security forces and Iraq’s Shiite-led government amid intensifying battles in northern and western Iraq.

The deadliest attack on Sunday took place in the northern Shaab neighborhood when a man wearing an explosive vest detonated himself in a crowded market, killing nine people and wounding 25.

2. Muslim preacher who ‘despised Britain’ and said ISIS is ‘no different’ to Western armies was employed by Government watchdog which inspects COUNTER-TERROR police

A Islamic preacher who ‘despised Britain’ led a double life working within police counter-terrorism which defending extremist views and claiming non-Muslims would be ‘punished in hell’, it is claimed.

Abdullah al-Andalusi taught that ISIS was ‘no different to Western Armies’, reports The Sunday Telegraph, while working with the Muslim Debate Initiative, heavily backed by Saudi money.

He would preach at night, has an extensive profile online and even appeared on TV, and even claimed that the British Government wanted to destroy Islam, it’s been reported.

But by using a different name, Mouloud Farid, he was allowed to work in the heart of Britain’s policing, for Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary which regulates all 44 forces in England.

4. American Prof. wants people jailed who display the confederate flag.

( Why do people not ask people like that for a comprehensive list of what should be allowed and not. That is how we expose them. The contradictions and allowables)

(INTELLIHUB) — In the weeks since the horrific mass shooting at a historic black church in South Carolina that killed nine people there has been an increasingly Orwellian move to remove and ban all things connected to the Civil War South.

From removing the Confederate flag from state grounds to possibly renaming thousands of parks, roads, and landmarks across the country, the idea of erasing and sometimes rewriting history has swept the nation.

While most can agree that removing a flag that many African-Americans see as a symbol of hate and oppression is the right thing to do, the hard left isn’t stopping there and has now crossed the line into straight up authoritarian thought police.

In a piece published by the clickbait rag, Nick Bromell, a professor of American Studies at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, calls for a new law that would classify displaying the Confederate flag a hate crime.

5. How serious was the Chinese hack on the US civil service data base?

6. More on the couple who may lose their home and have lost 1st amendment rights over cake refusal. 


7. Germans march FOR Israel and against ‘Al-Quds’ day

8. I recommend that everyone listen to this great song by the  The Band before the rapidly imploding US of A ban it. Since they are now digging up confederate generals and removing them and their spouses from their graves, it can’t be long till this song is banned. After all, a complaint from one over sensitive and learning disabled gay man had the song, ‘Money for Nothing’ banned from radio a few years ago. At least the original version with the line mocking a straight blue collar guy by attributing a false remark about “faggots” which wasn’t even mocking gays but mocking people who didn’t like gays. But ban it they did.

Thank you M., Gates of Vienna,  Oz-Rita, Wrath of Khan and all who sent in materials.


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  1. 6. “The Commissioner of the Bureau of Labor and Industries hereby orders [Aaron and Melissa Klein] to cease and desist from publishing, circulating, issuing or displaying, or causing to be published … any communication to the effect that any of the accommodations … will be refused, withheld from or denied to, or that any discrimination be made against, any person on account of their sexual orientation.”

    It means anyone with a sexual fetish cannot not legally be denied a service.

    This refusal to serve a deviant is chosen to be offensive on similar racial and disability grounds, those qualities a person has no control over, whereas sex-change and sexual-preferences are egocentric activities of abused organ excretions that actually vacillate, and were a few generations earlier mastered by conscience and public decency and made that nation honest, peaceful and undefeated.

    The machine of socialism has finally established its use to been turned on the people. It is democide. Your government filled with outraged people who prefer death more than they love life.

    A caberet of islam does not make it any more real.

    • It is a good time for me to take stock.

      Yesterday I was invited and joined a bbq with Lithuanians. Apart from myself and one other everyone else was tattooed. And the one other informed me he was looking to have Japanese written down his spine as he was a fan of animé.

      Obviously, conversation ranged from one guest saying he had recently been caught out for having porn on his phone, and then how another had to return from his country after his ex said she was pregnant and would keep the baby.

      The company dictates the conversation.

      Do we agree or disagree that homosexuality a psychiatric disorder like islam, one based on childhood violation, or is it as normal as the Lithuanians I discovered?

    • The attack on Christianity has begun in earnest, the left thinks they have enough power to begin the process to outlaw Christianity and Judaism.

    • The freedom of Christians in ISIL and America are worth exactly the same; National Socialists and international Socialists have zero tolerance for those of conscience. The silence has been loud.

  2. Germans march FOR Israel and against ‘Al-Quds’ day

    This warms the cockles (spelling?) of my German heart ! 🙂
    Bravo, Halleluja, light at the end of the tunnel?

    I am surprised to see even some rainbow flags among these marchers. I have never understood, nor will I ever, why the Gay community, conforming to the moronically leftist Zeitgeist (also not much “Geist” in that) mostly choses the camp of those who will throw them from the roofs and then stone them to death for being homosexual, rather than Israel where they are not merely “tolerated”, but feted. I often think: “dont they know what’s good for them?!” So perhaps they too are slowly waking up.

    At the risk of sounding mad, here is another personal opinion formed from personal observations: I always felt/thought that the so-called ‘grassroots’ people in France are far more anti-semitic that the ordinary German Volk.

    And while I am at it: I find that people whom I admire/respect/agree with happen to be pro-Israel and completely against Jew-Hatred. (And it’s not a “which came first: the chicken or the egg, because we all know it’s the rooster;)). Not all are as unconditionally pro-Isral-pro-Jewish as I am (for personal reasons), but all are intelligent enough to clearly see the difference between Evil and human. Just mentioning some of my heros who are not Jewish: PM Harper, Geert Wilders, Marine LePen (yes I mean Marine LePen) and fortunately there are more.

    // End of stream-of-conciousness mode

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