Danish salafist interview on democracy riles indigenous Danes.

This clip is rumored to be infuriating Danes and understandably so. It is not dissimilar to the Mullah Krakar interview of a few months ago in Norway that commanded nearly as much attention as it should have, relatively speaking of course.

The interviewer was also pretty sophisticated I thought which is unusual on this subject. Even American TV talking heads seldom know what to ask and are usually used as tools by these people. Even so, the question could have been asked if the muslims wanted to impose their own system on all danes, which would be a non-subtle difference to the other examples the salafist kept referring to, where they wished the right under democracy of non-participation. Muslims do not seek this. They feel it is their obligation to obliterate democracy and impose islamic rule. This interview doesn’t quite manage to express this truth but does lean that way.

Thank you Liberty Dk for the translation.

This video was done on Danish Constitution day, Friday June 5 – 2015


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5 Replies to “Danish salafist interview on democracy riles indigenous Danes.”

  1. By the time the Danes get angry enough to fight back, the Muslims are going to be so ensconced that they will have to be dug out, house-to-house, street-to-street, one-by-one, until the entire filthy job is done. It’s going to be one gigantic Battle of Iwo Jima, only happening everywhere at once and lasting for years. This is so much like the lead-up to WWII in it’s Neville Chamberlainness – it’s positively eerie…

    How many thousand Pakistanis, Somalis, and Bangladeshis, who think exactly like the guy in the video, touched down on Western tarmacs today…?

    • Now you know what I have been seeing comng for a long time, the war will last the rest of this century if not longer.

    • And the interviewee was very good too. There was no tacqyya presented to the kuffar interviewer, just a clear mandate of what followers of The Muhammad must adhere too, that is their souls they surrendered three times to avoid a beating are not then taken up by Allah’s pleasure to be burned in Hell. People only seek mercy when they’ve never had it.

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