The grim geopolitics of islam and the questionable strategy of its opponents: Links 1 on May 22 – 2015

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Many of the readers of this site send in tremendously interesting links which are of a geopolitical nature, or various op-eds, or items pertaining specifically to Israel as well. Often these get posted because they are too big to ignore or will have direct consequences on the world familiar to Western European/North American residents in short order. But the fact is there simply isn’t enough time to properly read and post all that comes in which is of importance.

Since this site started something like 9 years ago, it has gone from having to do research to find news that supported the thesis that islam was an existential threat to civilization, to trying to filter a staggering amount of daily proof that this extinction of reason or Christianity or science as a way of life is taking place on a scale which cannot be considered less than genocidal in many locations.

So it is well worth it for those that want hard geopolitical stories as well as the usual material posted in the body of the blog to check the comments. There are a number of regular readers who focus on different aspects of the flaming world we now live on and it doesn’t take long to recognize their specialty, so you can read what interests you as you learn the names and types of links posted by them.

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On to some of the material:


1. Macedonia’s Muslim uprising seen as flashpoint in East-West energy war

Drone footage of anti-government protest in Macedonia

2. Russia closes NATO supply corridor to Afghanistan

More here

3. Obama: ISIL strategy not failing

4. CANADA – Arrests of ten young people at Montreal airport renew scrutiny of Muslim teacher

The whispers followed Muslim teacher Adil Charkaoui for months as young Quebeckers who crossed his path headed off to join overseas jihadi groups. Those murmurs suddenly turned into shouts when a member of the Parti Québécois called Mr. Charkaoui a “merchant of hate” and directly accused him of indoctrinating young extremists.

The arrest of 10 young people who police say tried to leave Montreal to join the terrorist group Islamic State has placed renewed scrutiny on Mr. Charkaoui, who became a religious teacher and leader of a community centre after years under surveillance and in detention as a terrorism suspect.

In the National Assembly, where members have immunity against defamation lawsuits, PQ MNA Agnès Maltais on Thursday said aloud what until now was limited to insinuation by Mr. Charkaoui’s hardline anti-Islamist critics. She accused Mr. Charkaoui of indoctrinating more than 20 Montreal youth who have left Quebec to join militant groups or were stopped by police as they tried to leave.

Each time Quebec youth try to leave “there is one point in common, one individual – Adil Charkaoui,” Ms. Maltais said. “What is going on at that centre? What is Adil Charkaoui telling the children who attend? How is it that children who attend his centre and hear his teaching have a sudden desire to join the Islamic State?”

5. US: Burma’s Legislation on Birth Control ‘Dangerous’

WASHINGTON — The United States says legislation on population control approved by Burma’s Parliament is dangerous and could undermine the democratic hopes of minority groups.

State Department spokesman Jeff Rathke voiced deep concern Tuesday over the bill. He said it could provide a legal basis for discrimination through coercive and uneven application of birth control policies.

Human Rights Watch says the bill directs authorities to impose “birth spacing” restrictions. It would require a 36-month interval between each child and could allow forced contraception, the group said.

The bill is the first of four government-backed bills to “protect race and religion.” Human Rights Watch says the legislation has been championed by activists with a racist and anti-Muslim agenda.

6. A couple of items, a video and an article, which call into question Obama’s real agenda, or possibly his sanity. Article from The Atlantic

7. Turkey Prime Minister Declares the Jews Defiled Jerusalem, Vows To Reclaim Jerusalem’s Temple Mount To Be Ruled By The Revived Ottoman Empire

The Turkish Anadolu Agencyreported today that Erdogan’s henchman, Turkey’s Prime Minister, has made a promise today to his people that if they elect him next month that he promises to soon liberate Jerusalem. Ahmet Davutoglu was using words that are major hints for all students of Bible Prophecy:

After vowing to retake Jerusalem if elected, just as Erdogan did last week, Davutoglu stressed that his country “cannot be an ally or friend of those who desecrated the Al-Aqsa Mosque with their boots” referring to Israelis who had to thwart demonstrations. By this Davutoglu is accusing Israel of desecrating the Temple Mount since it is an abomination in Islam for anyone to enter holy ground unless they are barefooted. […]

Davutoglu then began to speak on martyrdom, how the forefathers remind them that the path of martyrdom is Jerusalem, and to liberate it they must return to their Ottoman dream:

(Israel may want to consider ramping up its plutonium production)

8. This may be the Islamic State in Palmyra:

9. Nigerian army ‘relocates’ 260 Boko Haram survivors

The women will receive medical help and support as part of their rehabilitation process, the BBC has learnt.

The government is said to be worried that some women may have been radicalised while in captivity.

Camp officials said there were suspicions some of the women had been communicating with militants.

10. US will take Rohingya (muslim) migrants

Marie Harf, US State Department spokeswoman: The United States has already welcomed 1,000 Rohingya and will resettle many more. (State Department photo)

WASHINGTON – The United States is willing to take in Rohingya refugees as part of international efforts to cope with Southeast Asia’s stranded boat people, the State Department said Wednesday.

Spokeswoman Marie Harf said early Thursday Thailand time that the US is prepared to take a leading role in any multicountry effort, organized by the United Nations refugee agency, to resettle the most vulnerable refugees.

11. Russia Warns Apple and Google Over Extremist Literature

Russian prosecutors have demanded that the country’s media watchdog block access to sections of Apple’s App Store and Google Play that allow Russian users to download the works of Adolf Hitler and Islamic writer Sa’id bin Ali bin Wahf Al-Qahtani, the Izvestia newspaper reported Thursday.

The move follows months of bluster by the watchdog, Roskomnadzor, over the hawking of “extremist” material to Russians by foreign Internet companies. But this time the threat is backed by a court decision that requires Roskomnadzor to act, Izvestia said.

If implemented, the blockages would be the first time Russian authorities have restricted access to the App Store and Google play platforms, the report said.

(Reuters link here)

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8 Replies to “The grim geopolitics of islam and the questionable strategy of its opponents: Links 1 on May 22 – 2015”

  1. 5. It has taken a Buddhist to realization… who would have thought?

    Communists specialize in economic warfare. Material and intellectual theft.
    Muslims in reproduction warfare. Soul theft.
    Sexsquirrels and Socialists, identity theft.

    Burma may become a new Israel, a light among the darkness.

    • It’s interesting. It isn’t much good having the state tell women when they are allowed to have children and how many, but it is a recognition that there is a problem threatening the state’s very existence in a non-Muslim form and an attempt to deal with it.

      HRW (and the State Department, the White House, the UN, et al.) betray their agenda by accusing the Burmese government of being ‘anti-Muslim.’ Championing a pro-Muslim position as they do, they have as much moral authority as organizations adopting a pro-Nazi or pro-Communist position. The Burmese government (rotten to its core though it is) is nonetheless right in resisting this pro-Muslim pressure.

      Here is a suggestion for the Rohingya: forswear Islam. Burn every mosque and every Koran in Rakhine State, sever all connections with sponsors of the advancement of sharia in the Gulf and elsewhere, and loudly and publicly declare Islam a false religion and a detestable ideology.

      Then give up the Chittagonian/Rohingyan language and teach Rohingya children only Burmese, to fit in, and English to get ahead. Let more distance develop from the relatives in Bangladesh. Sponsor the building of stupas and Buddhist temples and become enthusiastic Buddhists.

      Leaving Islam is like repudiating Nazism or Communism or any other totalitarian, supremacist ideology anyone has ever come up with, so it is not to ask anything unreasonable. The difficulties of race and ethnicity and culture remain.

      Changing the language would help to begin erasing the culture. Skin colour is more indelible, but there is considerable range in very brown Burma already. The Rohingya might begin to blend by exogamy. Like every else in the known universe, there is overall a preference for lighter shades, but Rohingya could compensate by being highly responsible husbands and exemplary wives. Burmese might get used to the Rohingya type, develop a grudging respect. After several generations, the Rohingya might attain a limited if difficult and contingent acceptance in the mainstream of Burmese society.

      Alternatively, the Rohingya could go back to Bangladesh, where they belong.

      • “It isn’t much good having the state tell women when they are allowed to have children and how many, but it is a recognition that there is a problem threatening the state’s very existence…”

        Said the Neanderthal to the Homosapian, the American Indian to the European, The European to the countries in the red* and the tenant to the mouse.


        A new mouth to feed is a weapon for resources. Live and let live your meme. Love you neighbor as yourself is only half of the Golden Rule. “You love life more than you love death, blind-sides you to become our slaves.”

  2. 9. “The government is said to be worried that some women may have been radicalised while in captivity.”

    Don’t they know that accusations of “Hate Crimes,” declaring “preferential groups” and repeating “the True way” makes believers and defenders of the faith, out of the cowed?

  3. Eeyor: “There are a number of regular readers who focus on different aspects of the flaming world we now live on and it doesn’t take long to recognize their specialty, so you can read what interests you as you learn the names and types of links posted by them.”

    You have expressed you agenda, why not your regular readers express their.

    Mohammed is the ideal man, as Jesus is someone’s ideal person. The writers of these that wrote nothing down, have expressed perfectly the binds in heaven and earth they would like to be held to.

    For Socialists, they see Muhammad the beneficent; Communists a totalitarian utopia, Fascists an authoritarian. For Muslims a permitting pervert like themselves.

    So, to examine Islam, the political, personal, social, and religious kingdoms… you have to unshackle from you own. And this often takes years of experience of kindness, hard knocks and someone telling you straight to what the end of the line is for you.

    It is to look at the light that made the rainbow flag of separation of soul, body and mind, and bring the pieces together.


  4. I think that’s a good idea, maintaining a central focus in the posts in the face of the Blob’s globular all-consuming nature. Interested parties can describe or survey the wreckage in other areas in the comments or reader’s links. Eeyore, it’s a wonder you are able to process as much information every day at this point as you do.

  5. Apparently the US State Dept. can’t find enough illiterate, unskilled Somali refugee criminals. (And just when I thought the world had an unending supply of Somali muslims.)
    They now need to import Rohingyas.
    Coming to a community near you…

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