Terror attack in Tunis: The moroccan suspect had arrived in Italy with a boat of migrants.

An original translation by Oz-Rita 

From Fdesouche

In February 2015, a month before the massacre, the Moroccan aged 22, Abdel Majid Touil had been  identified  at Port Empedocle (Sicily). He had arrived on a boat of 90 migrants. At the time, a deportation order was issued against him.

Photo (of the Boat arrivals)  the caption under this photo reads:
It was February 2015, when 642 migrants were rescued by the Navy. They landed in the port of Empedocle (He  is the one circled in the picture).

MILAN: a Moroccan suspected of involvement in the bombing of the Bardo Museum in Tunisia that killed 22 people on March 18, was arrested Tuesday night in a town in the Milan area in northern Italy .
It was  the Tunisian authorities who focussed their suspicions on the “Moroccan National wanted internationally”, according to a spokesman for the local police.

Abdelmajid Touil, 22, known under the pseudonym “Abdullah,” was arrested in the apartment shared by  his mother  and his two brothers, according to Bruno Megale, head of the Digos (department police for special operations and terrorism) in Milan.

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