US refuses targeting info to Egyptians for strikes on IS targets? Really? Link 1 on Feb. 16 – 2015

1. Egyptian airstrikes kill 64 IS militants in Libya: Libyan army spokesperson

Egyptian airstrikes killed 64 Islamic State (IS) militants, including three of their leaders, in Libya’s coastal cities of Derna and Sirte, Libyan army spokesperson Major Mohamed Hegazy told Ahram Arabic news website on Monday afternoon.

In the early hours of Monday, the Egyptian army, in coordination with the Libyan army, carried out air strikes against IS targets in Libya, he said.

Possible footage of this strike?

2. Copenhagen shooter was kind and ‘smart’, classmate says

“I am deeply moved and shocked,” the 20-year-old told AFP in a telephone interview from Copenhagen.

“I would never have believed the terrorist was a classmate, that it would be a boy who helped me when I was run over outside school,” she said.

“When I was run over, he ran to me and helped me get back to school.”

But three days later, in late 2013, the young man — who police said had a history of violence and weapons offences — stabbed a passenger on a Copenhagen commuter train and went to jail.

Several Danish media have identified 22-year-old El-Hussein as the gunman behind two fatal shootings in Copenhagen at the weekend who was later shot dead by police.

3. DERNA – LIBYA – FEB 16 2015

4. Islamic State murders two “spies,” crucifies another, as children watch

5. ‘I will not let people believe that Jews no longer have a place in Europe’: Hollande’s fury after Netanyahu makes plea for ‘mass emigration’ to Israel in wake of anti-Semitic terror attacks 

European leaders have reacted with anger at Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu extraordinary plea for Jews to leave Europe to escape the rising tide of antisemitic terror attacks.

Netanyahu said that Europe was no longer a safe haven for Jews following terror attacks in Paris and Copenhagen, adding that Israel is now the only country in the world where Jews can feel safe.

The remarkable comments were promptly savaged by the leaders of France, Germany and Denmark, and were met with fury from Jewish groups.

French President Francois Hollande said. ‘I will not just let what was said in Israel pass, leading people to believe that Jews no longer have a place in Europe and in France in particular,’ while German Chancellor Angela Merkel said her government is doing everything possible to protect Jewish sites.

(I think Bill Shakespeare said something that applies perfectly to contemporary European leaders who say exactly what Hollande and the PM of Denmark are saying about the statements by Israel: “…Full of sound and fury; signifying nothing”)

6. Free Speech group tackling ‘speech codes’ on US college campuses

(For anyone curious about the intellectual honesty of Noam Chomsky, one needs only read his book on free speech, Manufacturing Consent, and then realize that as a university prof. he has never once cited any leftwing restriction on political opinions anywhere and especially on campus in the guise of ‘speech codes’ where he has to be surrounded in it every day)

“Over 55 percent of colleges we surveyed have speech codes that wouldn’t stand court challenges,” says Lukianoff. “These colleges include Jacksonville University, which forbade students to offend anyone, or this other college that had a rule against ‘inappropriately directed laughter.”

Since the “soft method” — trying to win the public opinion, exposing the absurdities of speech codes — wasn’t working, FIRE decided to drop the gloves and go to court to affirm First Amendment rights. And even when colleges are cornered with their nonsensical codes, they still act like victims.

7. Now this is interesting. It seems that the White House refused to give telemetry to the Egyptian army to assist them in making strikes against Islamic State targets. Go figure! Now why would that be?

8. Denmark: Muslim youths screaming “Allahu akbar” say they’re “brothers” to jihad murderer

They removed flowers from the site where he was killed, saying that it was not Islamic tradition to lay flowers for the dead. But it is noteworthy that there were flowers at the site where Omar El-Hussein was killed at all. That shows support for his murders as much as does the removal of the flowers by these pious youth. Note also how they were claiming victim status, saying they were disenfranchised and discriminated against. The implied threat here is that the Danish will face more jihad murders unless they come across with more jizya.

“Youth removing flowers from murder site,” Nyhederne (translated), February 16, 2015 (thanks to Benedict):


Thank you M., Dan F., UK Pete, Yucki, and more.

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7 Replies to “US refuses targeting info to Egyptians for strikes on IS targets? Really? Link 1 on Feb. 16 – 2015”

  1. EGYPT – Al-Azhar prohibits watching IS execution videos

    The Islamic institution in Egypt urges media not to publish videos showing beheadings

    Al-Azhar, Egypt’s leading Islamic institution, issued a ruling on Monday prohibiting Muslims from watching a video showing the beheading of 21 Egyptian Christians by militants affiliated with the Islamic State group in Libya.

    In a statement Al-Azhar also urged media not to publish the “crimes of the terrorists” in order not to fulfill the “sinister aim” of affecting the morale of the Muslims and giving a reason to spread Islamophobia and defame Islam worldwide .

    Al-Azhar also prohibited the spread of the videos showing the execution of the hostages by the Islamist militant group.

    On Sunday the Islamic State militant group released an extremely graphic video showing the beheading of 21 Egyptian Christians who were kidnpaped several weeks earlier while working in Libya, provoking official and public anger in Egypt.


    Egypt’s Grand Mufti says IS groups attack against Copts un-Islamic

    Head of Egypt’s religious edicts authority condems beheading of 21 Coptic Christians in Libya by Islamic State militants

    Grand Mufti Shawki Allam, the Egyptian state’s authority responsible for issuing religious edicts, said on Monday in a statement that Islamic State (IS) executing 21 Egyptian Copts in Libya was an act empty of the “great tolerance of Islam”.

    He insisted that the militant group has no understanding of the meaning of the koran.

    He added that the IS group’s attribution of certain sayings to Mohamed was erroneous.

    IS published a video on Sunday in which it justified its beheading of 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians in Libya by quoting alleged sayings by Mohamed .

    In his statement, Allam mourned the victims.

    He said that extremist groups are attempting to spread “sectarian strife and infighting between Muslims and their Christian brethren”.

    He however added that he has faith that Egypt will be victorious against its enemies.

    “The blood of our Christian children and brothers is the same blood as that of Muslims… which belongs to the Egyptian nation,” he said.

    Egypt’s only comfort is that its beloved children died on the side of Right in a battle againt Wrong, Allam said.

    The United Arab Emirates-based Council of Religious Elders, chaired by the Grand Imam of Egypt’s Al-Azhar, Ahmed El-Tayeb, condemned the killings, declaring them to be entirely against the teachings of Islam, and extended condolences to Egyptians, Egypt’s Orthodox Pope Tawadros II and the families of the victims.

    The council urged for unity in facing “malevolent terrorism that claims innocent lives.”

    Egypt’s army conducted airstrikes against IS locations in coordination with the Libyan army early on Monday, according to the Libyan army. The Egyptian army has released footage of its operations.

    Egypt’s presidency is preparing plans to evacuate Egyptians wanting to flee Libya.

    Egypt is battling militant group Ansar Bayt Al-Maqdis in the governorate of North Sinai. In late 2014, the group swore allegiance to IS, which first made its appearance in Syria and now controls large swathes of both Syria and Iraq.

  2. 8/ […] the body of the man who was killed in front of the synagogue Saturday night was covered with a white cloth, while this man was allowed to lie to open as a spectacle for everyone.
    “It shows that there is clear discrimination when a Jew dies and a Muslim dies. They think there is something very paradoxical in coverage. If Muslims are killed, one hears nothing about it. But if it is Jews who are being killed, we hear about it right away,” says Lisbeth Davidsen.

    One covered, the other not. Discrimination between a murderer and his victim.

  3. Re: #3 Derna….this comment posted at The Conservative Treehouse bears repeating:

    “I think this is the first time ISIS has murdered on the shore… it made me think of the Marine hymn’s line “to the shores of Tripoli”. I did some research and found out that Derna, where these murders took place today, is a Tripolitan city and it’s where the US won their first military victory on foreign soil. I know today ISIS was sending a message to Egypt, but I can’t help but wonder if there’s a message to America due to the location.”

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