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  1. 5 They are liars. There is no future in Europe for Jews and everyone knows it. To say that this makes me furious would be an understatement…

    Jews should just hide themselves, no more kippas shown, no more cross of David, Jews being afraid to take their children to school; to a school with armed security and bullet proof glass. Their graves desecrated.

    While you continue to import more and more Jew haters. Millions of them to replace highly educated workers with low skilled barbarians…

    When I look at this situation I think the world has gone mad.

    Several years ago I was in Scotland where a woman asked me “why don’t you just move all the Jews to Maryland?” I kid you not, she actually said that to me.
    To which I replied “I would love to.”

    There are 18 million Jews on this planet and 1.5 BILLION muslims. The fact that this is even a discussion is beyond me.

    I am angry. I am very angry. How many more of these attacks should the “free world” endure while listening to the platitudes of the elites? The FACT that politicians have brought this on the west and the FACT that the electorate has been so complacent in having it go this far makes me furious. And, what I am so angry about is that they are going to win and wipe Jews out of Europe.

    If you don’t like the weather in Israel, come to America. I would love to have you as a fellow citizen. Europe has now officially gone over the edge.

      • When I saw that group of 30,000 “supporters” in Denmark I thought the same thing. They just want to keep their benign self-image.
        Excrement, that’s all, excrement.

    • I agree, bring all of them to the US, and rebuild the US military what we are bringing them in, and while you are doing that see how many Christians from around the world want to find refuge in the US.

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