Name of jihadi released:

Omar Abdel Hamid El-Hussein

One of the Danes in our group has been telling us what he hears on Danish TV:


1. He’s born and raised in Denmark. No indication that he’s been in Syria.
2. He’s been convicted for violations of weapons laws.
3. They seem to have the weapons.
4. That includes one automatic rifle and two handguns.
5. They have searched several other locations in Copenhagen.

Daily Mail link: 

This is the first picture of the terror suspect believed to have killed a film director and Jewish security guard in two attacks in Copenhagen.

Danish-born Omar Abdel Hamid El-Hussein, 22, was killed after opening fire on officers who had closed down the area surrounding Norrebro metro station at about 5am today.

The man – whom police said is known to them due to past violence, gang-related activities and and possession of weapons – is thought to have killed two people in separate attacks at a free speech event and a synagogue.

Film director Finn Noergaard, 55, was killed yesterday at a cafe. Hours later, 37-year-old security employee Dan Uzan was shot in the head as he stood outside a building belonging to the city’s Great Synagogue.

This afternoon two people were led out of an internet cafe in handcuffs as part of the probe.

Earlier, at 5am police closed in on Norrebro station as the suspect emerged with a weapon from an address police were watching.


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  1. In other news (French)…

    12 boats with 1200-2000 migrants on board are drifting south of the island of Lampedusa. The Italian Coast Guard is rescuing them.

    Earlier today, an Italian Coast Guard speedboat was rescuing migrants near the Libyan coast when they were approached by a speedboat coming from the coast. Four men armed with Kalashnikovs threatened the Italians and asked for the empty migrant boat back!!! This is madness!!!

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