More random attacks against people who happen to be buried under stones with crossed triangles and more killing and terror: Links 3 on Feb. 15 – 2015

1. New Islamic State video titled:

A message signed with blood to the nation of the cross

(Yes I know, more Ed Wood than Shakespeare)

WARNING at 2:50 they begin to saw off the heads of these prisoners with small knives. Be warned. Its the text and bellicose warnings that make it necessary watching.

2. PEGIDA like demo in the Czech republic against Islam

3. Female suicide bomber kills ten in Nigeria’s Damaturu

Damaturu has been the site of previous attack by Boko Haram [File: AFP]
Damaturu has been the site of previous attack by Boko Haram [File: AFP]

A female suicide bomber has killed at least ten people at Damaturu Central Motor Park, a bus station in the northeast Nigerian city.

“There has been an attack on the Damaturu Central Motor Park by a female suicide bomber,” Marcos Danladi, the police commissioner of Yobe State, said on Sunday.

Danladi said that 32 people had been injured.

Al Jazeera’s Ahmed Idris reporting from Abuja, the capital, said that while the area had come under attack numerous times in the past, this attack had targeted a large amount of people as Sunday was market day.

Witnesses said the assailant entered the station in a vehicle, got out and walked towards a small grocery store at the end of the terminal.

4. Hundreds of tombs defaced in Jewish cemetery in France

France’s interior minister said Sunday several hundred tombs had been defaced at a Jewish cemetery in the east of the country, in what he called “a despicable act”.

“The country will not tolerate this new injury which goes against the values that all French people share,” said Bernard Cazeneuve without giving further details of the incident in the town of Sarre-Union.

“Every effort will be made to identify, question and bring to justice the person or persons responsible for this ignominious act,” he added.

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls, writing on Twitter, also condemned the desecration, calling it “an anti-Semitic and ignoble act”.

(It is imperative that observant French patriots follow this story and find out who did it, as I would think the odds of this being muslims or even paid leftist stooges trying to take the heat off of muslims are at least even, and probably closer to 90% than being a neo-Nazi attack.)

5. Italy and other EU nations assist Islamic armies to land on her shores reminiscent of the French applauding the Nazis when they marched down the Arch De Triumph

6. The Victims of the Copenhagen attacks

7. Netanyahu calls for ‘massive immigration’ of European Jews to Israel

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called on Sunday morning for the “massive immigration” of European Jews to Israel following the shooting attack outside a Copenhagen synagogue that killed a Danish Jew.

Netanyahu says the government on Sunday will discuss a $46 million plan to encourage Jewish immigration from France, Belgium and Ukraine.

“This wave of attacks is expected to continue,” Netanyahu said at the start of a Cabinet meeting. “Jews deserve security in every country, but we say to our Jewish brothers and sisters, Israel is your home.”

8. Danish Shooting Suspect Had ‘Violent History’

A 22-year-old with a history of violence and criminal gang involvement has been identified by police as the suspect behind two deadly shootings in Denmark.

Danish media named the suspect as Omar el-Hussein, a man police say was born in Denmark and had a criminal record which included convictions for violence and weapons offences.

The Ekstra-Bladet newspaper reported that he was released from jail two weeks ago after serving a term for aggravated assault.

(I will have some things to say about the video at the above link shortly.)


Thank you M, Draculea, WTD., Yucki, and so many more. The need for constant reevaluation of this site, its mission objectives and what it does or does not accomplish and perhaps more importantly, what it accomplishes both for better and worse must be examined against the background of the reality of the state of the global islamic jihad at all times. As this situation is very fluid I am open to people’s thoughts in the comments as to what we should be trying to do.

Lastly, I do not like asking for donations. But I have found a design which I like for a symbol which I believe is a natural one historically and contemporarily for people to wear which I hope to become something which can represent the international counter-jihad. While it is a kind of cross, so far Jewish people who have seen it have agreed they could wear it or at worst, use it as a kind of key fob or other decorative object. I hope to have these available in Silver and Bronze for people who would like to get one, and thereby also support the work of this website. More on that within a few weeks at most.

More to come soon.


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38 Replies to “More random attacks against people who happen to be buried under stones with crossed triangles and more killing and terror: Links 3 on Feb. 15 – 2015”

  1. #8 video of Danish suspect had a violent history…
    The reporter suggested

    “He had a criminal record and a violent past but it was gang related rather than linked to political or religious extremism.”

    Gang related? Prove it… What were the identities of the opposing gangs? Or was it, as one suspects, the typical “Muslim v. Kufar” criminal voyarism conducted by Omar ?

    BTW, whose apartment were the police observing when the suspect, Omar el-Hussein was finally caught and eliminated?
    An earlier version of a FoxNews story suggested“Copenhagen police had an address under surveillance” while the suspect(s) remained on the run…which may explain the two differing descriptions of the clothing worn by the shooter yesterday.

    RT description of SYNAGOGUE shooter:

    “A manhunt for the suspect – described as a male wearing a light grey jacket, black pants, and black shoes – has been launched. Scores of militarized police have reportedly been deployed to the area.”

    The CAFE shooter description per UK Mirror:

    8:12 pm update: “He was wearing a black or dark blue ski coat with matching pants and presumably gloves.
    He had covered the bottom part of his face all the way up to the eyes with a guerrilla scarf in yellow/orange and red.

    Clearly visible in the photos of the dead suspect, he changed his clothes yet again. Whose apartment, wardrobe was he given access to? Anyone involved in the quick wardrobe changes should be considered an accomplice.

  2. I am not certain but this newspaper report could be linked to the mass murder video above.
    The victims were Coptic Christians……

    (I have never watched one of these videos as I know it will change me forever)

    “A video has emerged showing the beheadings purportedly of 21 Egyptian Christians who had been kidnapped by Islamic State (IS) militants in Libya.
    The footage shows a group wearing orange overalls, being forced to the ground and then decapitated”

  3. “…I am open to people’s thoughts in the comments as to what we should be trying to do.”

    I know your days fill 1000 hours (seeing the output on this blog), so you might not have time, but I just LOVE your editorial comments, would like to see many more of them, perhaps even at the expense of other material.

    “Lastly, I do not like asking for donations…”

    I think you should !!! People forget or they might think Vlad Tepes is beneficiary of financial support from Qatar, like so many other blogs 😉

    • Can jihadists be reformed-

      The Danish government has no idea where these people have been or the atrocities they could have have committed or supported. As well as throwing money at them their leftist supporters will protect them from any posssible criticism or “wacism”. Each one of them are quite possibly grotesque mass murderers yet they are welcomed and protected.The utter stupidity of our european governments and elites knows no bounds.

  4. vlad.. you are an inspiration .. never mind feeling overwhelmed. everyone is.
    your work is a brilliant, brawling, punch yo’ face out, kinda’ thing. your
    own style. everyone loves it & loves you. screw the enemy. grease ’em all.
    they are not even close to being as classy as you & your bunch of spec op crazies ..
    ask for contributions, mate, ask. you shall receive ..
    it’s a pretty simple fact that in order to provide this level of info, awareness,
    commentary & insight, people are gonna’ have to contribute to the effort.
    don’t apologize for anything.

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