Leftists and muslims continue to bend truth like a black hole bends light: Links 2 on Feb. 15 – 2015

1. What do we want? To park anywhere we allah damn want! What do we want! To pretend that any action against a muslim is a thought crime!

(It is well worth reading Robert Spencer on the murder of 3 parking violators by an Obama fan who was in favour of the Ground Zero Mosque project)

2. An Immigrant Speaks : Stop Canada’s Immigration-Driven National Suicide

An Immigrant Speaks : Stop Canada’s Immigration-Driven National Suicide

Hello, I am an immigrant and have been following “Immigration Watch” for the last two years. I can confidently say that you are doing an admirable & exemplary job.

I came here two decades ago from India. However, I feel quite sorry about the current state of our country which to a large extent is the result of an uncontrolled immigration intake. This is not the country or the society I migrated to. Since my arrival, Canada has changed beyond recognition. Canadian values & ethics are eroding fast. The society is disintegrating and is being replaced by alien & sub-civilized cultures—- all in the name of multiculturalism & accommodation to new immigrants.

Multiculturalism makes a nation no more than a holding pen. These multi-ethnic people of Canada have failed to integrate even among themselves. Isn’t it foolish to assume that one day they will all live together in one happy family? That wishful thinking will turn into a nightmare. In my two decades of “rich multicultural experience”, I’ve yet to see a business owned by for example, a Chinese-Canadian or Indo-Canadian or a Pakistani-Canadian, employing anybody outside their own ethnic group. The exceptions are far & few between. The policy of multiculturalism has failed drastically. It has become a one-way street : “You give & we take”.

3. Denmark: See suspects arrested in connection with Copenhagen shootings

4. Mufti of Australia Ibrahim Salem: “The West Produces Lies As Much as It Produces Technology”

5. In this article it is reported that the French president went to the Danish Embassy in Paris and explained that it was the exact same targets selected by the terrorists in both countries. I would ask that someone please explain that to American President Barack Obama and use small words.

16.52 French President Francois Hollande has just visited the Danish embassy in Paris, and said that the “same targets” were hit in the weekend attacks in Copenhagen as during the January assault in Paris that claimed 17 lives.

6. Dirt napping jihadi in Copenhagen



Thank you Don C., M., Draculea, and all who sent in materials for this and all posts. More to come today.

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10 Replies to “Leftists and muslims continue to bend truth like a black hole bends light: Links 2 on Feb. 15 – 2015”

  1. IS video – A message signed with blood to the nation of the cross

    .. new video from Islamic State militants showing the killing of 21 Egyptian Christians in Libya ( 5 min )

    • So, do we ever get mad, or has the ability to feel anger been bred out of us by years of moral equivalencies and warping of the Christian message? Have you noticed that the leaders talk to each other about their grief and their compassion but they very carefully avoid saying anything about being angry? These guys are threatening to kill every Christian they can get their hands on, and all we can muster is a little grief when they attack us? Wrong response! The right response is anger, not grief…

      • A lot of us get mad but are trying to take the legal route to get back at our attackers, eventually we will get tired of waiting.

    • Integration’s the thing. Canada has made it official policy for decades not to integrate immigrants. Muslim + mass immigration just draws two heavy lines under the foolishness of the policy.

      I expect that multiculturalism also leads to non-white non-Muslim ethnic groups keeping their heads down about the jihad. They feel it might backfire on them if they make noise about another community in the community-of-communities. Canadian Sikhs have been a signal disappointment for me in this regard. Elsewhere in the world, I get long animated lectures from Sikhs about the evils of Islam. Sikhs in Canada tell me it’s a violation of their human rights if Muslim women can’t wear hijab.

  2. @6…the picture of the “dirt napping jihadi” really upset me,…..I mean,did the owners of the two bicycles EVER get them back……

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