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10 Replies to “LIVE: camera in the heart of the PEGIDA demo in Dresden”

    • I’d read about this IQ differential in Sennels’ work. He’s hit a real sore spot.

      The charts would surely cause a riot on any college campus today. Then again, the IQs of college kids compared to those in the good old days, pre-affirmative action, might embarrass more than a few administrators. And should.

      Then again, an analysis of the administrators on any measure of competence…

      • Despite all the very valid reservations about such measurement, it accords with experience and has explanatory and predictive power. So naturally we’re not allowed to go near it.

        It seems to me the most likely explanation for the purported mysterious decline in Arab IQ since the Arab ‘Golden Age’ is the last on their list, ‘the intellectual contributions being both exaggerated and made by non-Muslims.’

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