History will surely record this as the first real World War. Links 2 on Feb. 9 – 2015

1. WATCH: John Cantlie’s Last Video ‘From Inside Aleppo’

Youtube removed it. For the moment this one below is live. Thank you M

British hostage John Cantlie has appeared in a new video from ISIS entitled From Inside Aleppo. The clip is described as Cantlie’s last. The video show groups of children in Aleppo with Cantlie hauntingly telling the camera that these kids “will form the Mujahideen of the next generation.” The 12 minute long clip was uploaded on February 9.

2. Britain First report on the mass muslim melee about the cartoons in London

(Make sure you check this video at around the 10:00 mark)

3. MAD is dead. a defense policy paper by Israeli MOD.

(Long but not unimportant)

  • The central conflict of the Middle East is not territorial but ideological; not about borders but about Islamic Jihadism and Western liberty. No ideology, least of all radical Islam, can be defeated by concessions, which encourage, energize, and inspire Jihadists. Those who wish for peace must face and assimilate this fact, and realize that territorial concessions, or any concessions in any realm in the struggle against militant Islam, have been consistently counterproductive.


  • From Oslo to Annapolis, we have engaged in a top-down strategy. We aimed to reach a political horizon or a final settlement agreement with the Palestinian leadership, hoping that political reform among Palestinians would follow. I propose we replace this approach with a bottom-up strategy in which the PA first proves its willingness and ability to govern.

4. ‘What are you waiting for?’: Slick new ISIS campaign puts new face on homegrown terror

The French-speaking ISIS fighters show their faces, an indication that they have no intention of coming back to France. (Screengrab courtesy of TRAC)

Buoyed by the Islamist terror attack on satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, ISIS has continued a slick campaign with the twisted theme, “What are you waiting for?” and featuring fresh-faced jihadists urging radicals in French-speaking countries to stay put and kill innocents.

5. Bill Warner did a proper historical timeline on how the islamic jihad against Europe led to crusades. 

6. Kuwaiti refugee who murdered wife after torturing her for two hours with screwdrivers and a drill while blasting out Koran to hide her screams is jailed for at least 23 years

Thahi Manaa beat his wife Sara Al’Shourefi, 28, for two hours with metal bars, an electric drill, two screwdrivers and shelf during the ‘ferocious and chilling’ attack.

The bloodstained weapons were found near the mother-of-four’s body, which police found stuffed in cupboard after Manaa had bound the woman’s legs with parcel tape.

MARSEILLE, France (Reuters) – Gunmen fired on a police car in Marseille on Monday in what local officials said was a drug-related incident, just hours before a visit by Prime Minister Manuel Valls to hail a drop in crime in France’s second city.

Residents of the La Castellane neighborhood on the north side of the city, home to some 7,000, were told to stay indoors. A creche was evacuated as troops from the GIPN special forces unit were sent into the sealed-off estate, a police source said.

“There were shots fired in the direction of a police vehicle coming from hooded individuals armed with Kalashnikovs,” local police chief Pierre-Marie Bourniquel told Reuters

Bourniquel later confirmed it was his vehicle that had been targeted. He had gone to the scene after residents called to report they had seen armed men in the area. Bullets were embedded in a bank above his car, he said.

8. ISIS is running out of suicide bombers, Daily Mail

(“And all the best ones are gone!” -American Carol)

A group of Isis' fighters A group of Isis’ fighters

(ANSAmed) – LONDON –  The Islamic State (ISIS) is reportedly experiencing a shortage of those willing to carry out suicide missions for the group, reports Mail Online. The publication cited the anti-ISIS activists group Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently, which is in close contact with some inhabitants of the Syrian city Raqqa.

Thank you Draculea, M., antikythera, PM., GoV., and all. More to come.

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62 Replies to “History will surely record this as the first real World War. Links 2 on Feb. 9 – 2015”

  1. US shipload of weapons and ammunition arrives in Lebanon (yahoo, Feb 8, 2015)

    “The U.S. ambassador to Lebanon said Sunday that $25 million worth of weapons and ammunition have arrived in Beirut, the latest American assistance to Lebanon’s army as it fights Islamic extremists along the border with Syria.

    Ambassador David Hale said the equipment includes more than 70 M198 howitzers and over 26 million rounds of ammunition and artillery “of all shapes and sizes, including heavy artillery.”

    Islamic extremists have launched several attacks on Lebanese troops over the past months in areas near the Syrian border, killing and wounding scores of troops. The most serious attack occurred in August, when members of the al-Qaida-linked Nusra Front and the Islamic State group captured two dozen Lebanese soldiers. They have killed four of them and still hold the rest.

    Lebanese and American officials attended a handover ceremony Sunday at Beirut’s port….”

  2. Afghanistan drone strike ‘kills IS commander Abdul Rauf’ (BBC, Feb 9, 2015)

    “A drone strike in Afghanistan has killed a militant commander who recently swore allegiance to Islamic State (IS), officials say. The police chief of Helmand said that former Taliban commander Mullah Abdul Rauf had died in the Nato strike. It emerged last month that Rauf had sworn allegiance to IS after falling out with the Taliban. Tribal elders in northern Helmand say a car carrying up to six people was destroyed while crossing the desert. The car was loaded with ammunition and exploded, reports said….”

  3. Emulating the example of Muhammad. Literally…

    Nigeria’s Boko Haram ‘kidnaps 20’ in Cameroon bus hijacking (BBC, Feb 9, 2015)

    “Suspected militants from Nigerian Islamist group Boko Haram have hijacked a bus in northern Cameroon, abducting at least 20 people, residents say. Militants reportedly seized a bus carrying market-goers and drove it toward the border with Nigeria. Some reports put the total number kidnapped in Cameroon as high as 30.

    Boko Haram has escalated its attacks outside Nigeria in recent weeks, targeting neighbouring Cameroon and Niger.
    The insurgency has forced a postponement of Nigeria’s presidential and parliamentary elections from 14 February to 28 March. The bus was seized near the border area of Koza and driven towards the Nigerian border 18km (11 miles) away, a resident told the Associated Press news agency.

    In an apparently related incident, several Boko Haram fighters were killed and around 10 Cameroonian soldiers injured as the militants attacked Kerawa, a local journalist told the BBC. A separate group of fighters reportedly attacked the nearby town of Kolofata, looting food and livestock….”

  4. Sisi knows who the fat cats are and who ought to fork over… 😉

    Egypt’s Sisi reassures Gulf leaders after alleged derisive audio leaks (yahoo, Feb 9, 2015)

    “Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi called the leaders of Gulf Arab states to reassure them of strong Egyptian-Gulf ties after a leaked audio recording that purports to show him and senior aides being derisive of their rich Gulf donors.

    Mekameleen, a pro-Islamist TV channel that aired the tape at the weekend, ran subtitles to identify the detailed conversations heard as being between Sisi and two of his senior staff on how to get Gulf states to funnel them more money.

    The last conversation suggested it had occurred before Sisi became president in 2014.

    Reuters listened to the audiotape but its authenticity could not be confirmed, and it was not able to reach government officials for comment on Monday. The presidency has made no official comment on the alleged recording or its veracity…..”

  5. Hamas backs Qatar minister’s ‘courage’ in Israel spat (yahoo, Feb 9, 2015)

    “Qatar-based senior Hamas leader on Monday praised the Gulf state’s “courageous” foreign minister, Khalid al-Attiyah, after an apparent spat with Israel’s intelligence minister Yuval Steinitz at a German security conference. In a statement, Izzat al-Rishq, a member of Hamas’s political bureau in Doha, backed Qatar’s foreign minister for his “strong, courageous statements and response to the lies of the ‘Zionists’, and his defence of Hamas and the resistance during the Munich security conference”.

    At Sunday’s conference, Attiyah said during a panel discussion that failure to make progress in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process was “the main igniter to all the turbulence in the Middle East”. Qatar’s foreign minister also asked why Israel wanted to be recognised as a Jewish state. “The world is fighting a group calling itself Islamic State, and you want to come and say [you are] a Jewish state,” he said.

    In response, Steinitz questioned why Qatar is “supporting a jihadist organisation like Hamas or Islamic State, instead of putting all its efforts into eliminating such jihadi organisations”. The exchange between the two ministers was reported in several media outlets, including on Al-Jazeera Arabic.

    Qatar denies backing the Islamic State group or extremist movements. Hamas chief Khaled Meshaal, who is based in the Gulf state, was told by Attiyah last month that he remained welcome amid reports that the Palestinian leader had been asked to leave. Attiyah said Meshaal was “a dear guest in Qatar. He is in fact at home.””

  6. Boko Haram attacks Niger prison before vote (yahoo, Feb 9, 2015)

    “Islamist fighters from Nigeria’s Boko Haram sect attacked a prison in neighbouring Niger overnight, hours before Niger’s parliament was due to vote on joining a regional offensive against the militants, witnesses said. Heavy gunfire rang out as Niger’s army repelled the attack, Boko Haram’s third assault on the border town of Diffa in four days, residents and military sources told Reuters.

    Authorities ordered locals to stay in their homes and mounted roadblocks around the town by late morning. Residents said many had fled. “It’s now evident that Boko Haram has its cells, its sleeping networks in the town and the region of Diffa,” said a military source there. It was not immediately clear how many people were killed or wounded, or whether any of the prisoners were freed….”

  7. ISIS Leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi Is ‘Frightened,’ Jordan Says (nbcnews, Feb 9, 2015)

    “ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is running scared as a result of an intensified bombing campaign brought on by the murder of a Jordanian pilot, the head of the country’s air force said. “He is frightened by what we did in the last three days,” Maj. Gen. Mansour al-Jabour told NBC News on Sunday. “We will not hesitate” to kill al-Baghdadi, he said. “He is going to be on top of our list.”

    “[ISIS leadership] always hide and they are always on the move but we have assets always in the air for an opportunity to target al-Baghdadi and his gang,” he said. “If [al-Baghdadi] is not frightened let him show himself to us and he’ll see what we can do against him.” The death of pilot Muath al-Kasasbeh, who was burned alive in a cage by ISIS militants, triggered up to 20 sorties per day by Jordanian jets targeting the militant group’s positions in Syria.

    Al-Baghdadi’s last known public appearance was at a mosque in Mosul, Iraq, in July 2014 delivering an address in which he declared the establishment of a caliphate, or traditional Islamic government. It is not known where al-Baghdadi is now, and whether he is even in Syria…”

    • Half a Kennedy is waaaayyy more than enough. You DL, bring a Kennedy here? Don’t you know about the Kennedys? Censorship that effective doesn’t seem possible!

      He was describing the Soviets?!
      Sounded exactly like the great State of Massachusetts, after its subversion by his bootlegging, scum of a Nazi papa, Sire Joe.

      No secrets? There was nobody in this state that family didn’t own.

      Shed a tear for his baby brother, the last in the direct line of owners of this state: Teddy. From egregious cheating at Harvard, up to and including murder, he got away with it all.

      Like the progeny of that degenerate old Ibn Saud, they owned this territory. The grandchildren aren’t as tightly tethered to the purse-strings of power, they’re just folks. With too much money and too many connections, they’ve managed to self-destruct nicely.

      • Don;t forget that in 1984 Teddy went to Moscow and tried to get the KGB to interfere in the Presidential election to prevent President Reagan from being re-elected.

        • L-I-S-T-E-N ……T-O………T-H-E……..W-O-R-D-S

          Then consider what you face both in the United States and to some extent in Canada……


          or not……………the visceral and indiscriminate blowing of gas rather than academic consideration of words in the context of our world today is foolish…..

          Regards, Don Laird
          Dogtown Bastard
          Alberta, Canada

      • When the government doesn’t interfere it us usually 3 generations from shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves. the first generation earns the money, the second generation preserves the money the third generation spends the money and the fourth generation works for a living.

      • Listen to the words……..listen to the words……..whilst you lance that boil of pent up rage……listen to the words in the context of the world we live in…….

        …….or not……….Yucki, you didn’t strike me as one who would casually dismiss a call to abandon a sinking ship because the same was shouted by the cabin boy, the same cabin boy you despise because he was late with your order for mint juleps served on the poop-deck……..

        Listen to the words…….

        Regards, Don Laird
        Dogtown Bastard
        Alberta, Canada

        • Ok I have listened to the words, he gave a great speech but rarely lived up to them, and yes he could have been talking about Obama and company and at they are doing. He also believed in Austrian economics and opposed tax increases and supported cutting taxes. Having said that he and his family treated the entire state of Mass as a fife and they were in bed with the MAFIA and the Irish Mob in Boston. I can see why yucki has such a reflex of ignoring having to do anything that is connected with the Kennedy’s. He as another Democrat President that the press supported no matter what he did.

          His actions on secrecy didn’t live up to his words.

        • “His actions on secrecy didn’t live up to his words.”
          Not by a long shot.

          I’m not going to listen to a monumental hypocrite mouth the truisms of his speech-writer. I’m certain Stalin had some lovely words strung together here and there. Doesn’t mean I have to watch him deliver them.

  8. @The Wild Blue Yonder……

    It must be “Stuffed, Pompous and Obtuse” week here at Vlad…..

    I will quote ………me…

    “Left or Right….forget the politics because secret police are secret police”

    “Listen to the words in the context of the world we live in”

    “Then consider what you face both in the United States and to some extent in Canada”

    Oh forget it……..

    Its like talking to hamsters who’ve had a bad round in the wheel and then sat around with fermented sunflower seeds smelling each others farts…..

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

    • Words? The Serpent had a choice few. Satan’s a master wordsmith. ‘Excellent speech becometh not a fool: much less do lying lips a prince.’

      Best find another mouthpiece for pretty words. Peggy Noonan wrote lots for Reagan, maybe you’ll find a video clip.

      Trust me, I’ve lived Kennedy trash. I’m more than entitled to be offended by anything that approaches that obscenity of a family.

      I’m surprised, DL, you’re often off-color but seldom – ever before? – out of touch. That grotesque perversion of Americana?

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