And so it grows. Political violence and demands by muslims to accommodate: Links 1 on Jan. 22 – 2015

1.  Local Muslim woman filing lawsuit against Dearborn Heights Police for forcing her to remove hijab during arrest

DEARBORN HEIGHTS – A 27-year-old local Muslim woman is filing a lawsuit against the Dearborn Heights Police department for forcing her to remove her hijab when she was arrested and booked for a traffic misdemeanor offense on July 9, 2014.

Malak Kazan said she was humiliated by the department’s policy, which required her to remove her scarf when she was detained for driving on a suspended license. As part of the booking process, Kazan was asked to remove her hihab for her mug shot.

Kazan allegedly expressed concern about the policy to the police men on duty, claiming it was a violation of her religion. She allegedly asked for a female police officer, but was told they couldn’t provide her with one.

After growing frustration, Kazan was able to speak to a supervisor, who told her that removing head wear was part of the department’s policy and that she needed to comply or she would be further detained. 

Local Attorney Amir Makled from the Law Office of Cyril C. Hall, is filing the case at the U.S. District Court this week. He is demanding the department change its policy and is also seeking both compensatory and punitive damages for his client.  

2. Quebec Islamist Networks Exposed

(Sonia Bailley once again writes an illuminating piece for American Thinker, this time on the situation in Quebec and government funding of terrorist organizations. Its well worth the read)

Islamist networks are quietly establishing a presence throughout the province of Quebec in the cities of Montreal, Sherbrooke and Trois-Rivieres.  This astounding and disturbing story broke earlier this week on the front page of Montreal’s Le Journal de Montréal, followed by four pages of highly detailed information provided by two investigative journalists.  So far, the English mainstream leftist media has barely batted an eyelash at this breaking news.

According to this report prepared by Félix Séguin and Hugo Joncas of TVA Group and Le Journal Montréal respectively, sister publications owned by the Sun Media division of Quebecor Media,

“…two Islamist networks suspected of financing terrorist groups became the most important owners of buildings housing mosques and Muslim schools in Quebec, discovered by our investigative team.  The Muslim Association of Canada (MAC) and the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA-Canada) own properties that house seven places of worship and four private schools in Montreal, Sherbrooke and Trois-Rivieres.”

3. Dozens dead, 7,000 arrested as political violence rocks Bangladesh

Bangladesh politics has been dominated by Zia and Hasina for decades, with both enjoying multiple stints in power.

Hasina, the daughter of Bangladesh’s first President Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, was first elected prime minister in 1996, while Zia, widow of assassinated President Ziaur Rahman, first became PM in 1991.

Hasina has blamed Zia for the violence and accused the opposition of trying to foment chaos, while Zia has denied her party is responsible, saying the violence is the work of the government.

(I guess its true! If women were leaders of the world there would be no more political violence. Well that is what they kept saying all through the 70s, 80,s and 90s.)

4. FOX recently had to apologize for a guest who claimed there were no go zones in Europe and specifically France. Interestingly that clip still seems to be up at FOX. I’m glad to see there is still a shadow of a 1st amendment in effect.

Thank you Tundra T., CB Sashenka, M., and many more who send in material. More to come.

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16 Replies to “And so it grows. Political violence and demands by muslims to accommodate: Links 1 on Jan. 22 – 2015”

  1. Re:Montreal Muslim Schools

    Forget about the pathetic ANGLO news media; print or electronic.

    ANGLOS world wide are the most pathetic of all the races regarding islam. Including its Jews.Sorry to post it.

    Francophones in Quebec have much more common sense regarding this issue. Maybe it is because the Francophones really regard Quebec as their home – although their language comes from Fance and the French colonists poisoned their share of natives – the Quebecois realize that they have nowhere else to go and they generally are a good people and are proud of Quebec.

    The Anglos can leave but the average Anglo is braindead when it comes to Islam

  2. 2/ And Canadian authorities have been pleased to let this fester for years. Is it really that hard to figure out that Muslim Brotherhood franchises would be funneling money to Muslim terrorist groups?

    I assume the Saudis provided the funds that got them started. But they must be doing well off their properties and other investments if they can afford to have been sending those millions to terrorist groups abroad and still have money to continue expanding operations in Canada.

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Malak Kazan (left), with Attorney Amir Makled, is filing a lawsuit against the city of Dearborn Heights for forcing her to remove her hijab.  Photo credit: Samer Hijazi
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