Geopolitics and islamic wars of conquest merge: Links 2 on Jan. 21 – 2015

1. Antwerp cancels PEGIDA Flanders demonstration over security fears

Reuters) – The city of Antwerp has banned a demonstration by the Belgian branch of the German anti-Muslim movement PEGIDA because of security fears, the mayor said.

The demonstration was scheduled for Monday and would have been the first of its kind in Belgium. PEGIDA has attracted tens of thousands to its regular rallies in Germany with its anti-immigrant slogans.

Antwerp’s mayor, who also banned a rival demonstration set for the same date, said the security threat was too great following police raids which foiled an Islamist attack in Belgium last week.

2. BBC: Yazidi girls, slaves of the Caliphate

3. France takes battle against radical Islam into schools

(Why do I feel certain that this means changing the curricula to not teach the Holocaust, avoid teaching anything about Islam that makes it look bad especially when true, and bringing imams into the schools to do dawa? Oh yeah this is why)

(Reuters) – France announced new measures on Thursday aimed at helping schools combat radical Islam, racism and anti-Semitism in reaction to deadly Islamist attacks two weeks ago.

The moves, including more teacher training and civic and ethics education in the country’s secular curriculum, come after dozens of schools complained of pupils refusing to join a Jan. 8 nationwide minute of silence for the victims.

French symbols such as the flag and national anthem will be explicitly celebrated and one day, Dec. 9, set aside as a “Day of Secularism”. Poor pupils will receive more grants and efforts will be made to make school intakes more socially diverse.

4. We’re not fighting Islam, just helping refugees: Japan

5. Thousands more join anti-Islam rally in Leipzig

6. CNN Host pretends to be humble while in fact spewing sanctimony with a fire hose on the issue of European no go zones.

7Conflicting evidence clouds death of Argentine prosecutor

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (AP) — Argentine President Cristina Fernandez said Thursday she’s “convinced” prosecutor Alberto Nisman did not commit suicide as more questions arose in the death of the man who had accused the president of a cover-up in the nation’s worst terrorist attack.

In a letter published by the state news agency Telam, Fernandez said all the questions about Nisman’s death “have been converted into certainty. The suicide (I’m convinced) was not a suicide.”


8. Alberto Nisman’s service door was ‘open’ says locksmith, as secret third entrance found



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7 Replies to “Geopolitics and islamic wars of conquest merge: Links 2 on Jan. 21 – 2015”

  1. #3.

    Warning: Rant Mode on:

    Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, the French “Education Minister” is Arab, Muslim, (she says she is not practicing, she is also lying) who holds the double nationality French and Moroccan. Her loyalty is surly to her “own” country which is not France. When she goes to Morocco to worship at the feet of her King, she wears the islamic veil – despite the fact that this is not obligatory in Morocco.

    She is sooooooooooooo fake and false that I have difficulties breathing when I see/hear her. She is re-introducing – by stealth – the “veil” into the Schools of France (allowing the Arabs/Muslims in after school care to wear the veil).

    She has been made Education Minister by that dickhead Francois Hollande and for that alone he deserves to be publicly humiliated by his ex mistress who put into her memoires that he cannot stand the “poor” and calls them “les sans-dents” (the toothless) – which he could not deny as she had proof.

    Anyway he made that enemy within, the arab/muslim double nationality Belkacem EDUCATION MINISTER perhaps for reasons which once were described cynically as “get there before the hair” i.e. ‘get them early’.

    Would you trust Muslim/Arabs/Islamists with your children?????????????????

    //Rantmode off.

  2. The left around the world are determined to destroy Western Civilization, they are using Islam as a weapon to do this thinking they can then destroy Islam once it has destroyed the west. I don’t think either Islam or the left will win the war but am afraid that they will destroy what is left of civilization in the struggle.

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