Antisemitic attack in Argentina

J Post: 10 Israeli tourists hurt in anti-Semitic attack in Argentina

Three assailants burned, robbed and beat the tourists at the Onda Azul hostel in Lago Puelo, in southern Argentina, between 1 a.m. and 4 a.m. Monday, the Argentine media reported. Police in the Chubut province are investigating.

“It was a terrifying moment, several hours of fear,” hostel owner Sergio Polak told the local media. “They shouted, ‘Go, f***ing Jews, you f***ing Jews are robbing us’ in the Patagonia region.

The Guardian: Israeli backpackers suffer antisemitic aggression in Patagonia

Onda Azul hostel
The Onda Azul hostel, now closed, was popular with young Israeli tourists. Photograph: Onda Azul on Facebook

Israeli tourists have been the victims of a violent antisemitic attack in the southern Patagonia region of Argentina, which has led to the targeted hostel being closed down by its owners.

The attackers screamed “You shit Jews, you are trying to take over Patagonia,” said Yoav Pollac, the 38-year-old owner of Onda Azul in the town of Lago Puelo, where many young Israeli backpackers stay.

“They came in throwing stones, smashing windows. They chased after three cars in which some of our guests tried to escape and wrecked them. They injured me, my brother and my father, who is almost 70 years old,” Pollac said.

The attack comes amid a growing hate campaign against Israeli tourists, who are described as Israeli soldiers by antisemitic groups in Patagonia. Authorities are increasingly concerned about the appearance of posters calling for a boycott of “Israeli military tourism” in the region.

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  1. When the Socialist Western Leaders of Mediocrity and Skimming use the Communist envy rallying-call of “fairness”, (meaning it’s not fair you invested your money wisely and live independently), then every Jew, real and imagined, is a target of hate and has an unbroken solidarity with Islam based on victim-entitlement and greed. From thousands of years abuse, the most Chosen Offspring learned that it is self-discipline and character and not sloth and tax that makes a nation. It is a great people by example, not a great government of propeganda that creates wealth.

    If only Israel had oil and you’d see the change on Western Leaders faces to who could fawn the most and have an Israeli Goddaughter on their portfolio.

  2. Police: Korean teen may have fled to Syria to join ISIS (CNN, Jan 22, 2015)

    “A 17-year-old South Korean promised his mother that he would study hard for his exams in exchange for a trip to Turkey. That teenager, called “Kim,” disappeared in a southern Turkish border city earlier this month, leading authorities to suspect that he may have slipped away to Syria to join ISIS. While police have not concluded that he joined the terror group, authorities found he had a keen interest in the Islamic militants. Using a Twitter profile picture of an ISIS flag, he frequently tweeted, “I want join” and asked to meet “brothers.” He followed pro-ISIS accounts and often retweeted the group’s propaganda…”

  3. Some update on the situation in Bangladesh. The update are the 30 dead of course.

    Dozens dead, 7,000 arrested as political violence rocks Bangladesh (CNN, Jan 22, 2015)

    “Thirty-one people have been killed and more than 7,000 arrested in weeks of political unrest in Bangladesh, as the country’s opposition mounts mass protests demanding fresh parliamentary elections. The dead were mainly killed by arson attacks on buses and cars, police said. The two most recent victims, who died of their injuries in hospital Thursday, were victims of bomb blasts. The opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), along with 19 allied parties, called for general strikes and a nationwide blockade on road, rail and river transport on January 5, the first anniversary of disputed elections…”

  4. This is rich. UN ‘human rights chief’ Jordanian Prince Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein has accused Burmese monk Wirathu of ‘sexism’ and ‘incitement to hatred.’

    ‘In early September 2014 Prince Zeid became the first Muslim UN human rights chief. In that capacity he has stated, “There is no justification ever, for the degrading, the debasing or the exploitation of other human beings – on whatever basis: nationality, race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, age or caste”’ (Wikipedia). Zeid must be one of those Muslims living by the Koran’s many verses of universal compassion and brotherly love.

  5. Lately they have been unable to verify anything that comes in touch with traditional Muhammadanism. Why is that? Isnt it all about love and fun and spirituality and stuff? Apparently not so. Well; maybe it is more about that stuff…

    ISIS gaining ground in Yemen, competing with al Qaeda (CNN, Jan 22, 2015)

    “The Syria-based terror group ISIS is active and recruiting inside the Middle Eastern state of Yemen, already a hotbed of terrorist activity, CNN has learned. The disturbing information comes from a Yemeni official, who told CNN on Wednesday that ISIS has a presence in at least three provinces in southern and central Yemen, and there is now a “real competition” between ISIS and the Yemen-based terror group al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, or AQAP. That competition manifested itself in a gun-battle between the two groups in Yemen’s eastern provinces last month, the same official said, though he did not have specifics on the casualties that resulted from that incident. CNN cannot independently confirm the claims…”

  6. French left-wing mayors and officials begin to speak about sharia advancing in France, not only in immigrant neighborhoods, but also in cities considered safe. They also say they have received orders to turn a bling eye to the wearing of burqas and other sharia elements in order to avoid a repetition of the 2005 riots. I got this from, a French blog that contains a lot of info about these issues, provided you speak French.

    • Islamic inspired violence. Or contagion from Islamic antisemitism. It’s just too remote a place. Elsewhere they may have been Nazi offspring, but that’s not as likely in Patagonia.

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