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18 Replies to “France announces a number of new counter-terrorism measures.”

  1. Another ass backwards approach to terrorism and the Islamist Jihadi vermin. I’m not going to go into detail, we the enlightened already know what must be done, but none of the political class even has the balls to suggest or discuss real solutions. To me it seems like more of the usual Politically Correct (i.e. culturally Marxist) pompous bluster and BS.

  2. More money, which they most likely have to borrow anyway, wasted. More, putting it mildly, dubious jobs created, increasing the already overblown socialistic-like state apparatus. And; Islamofascist infiltration is about to advance as well. Can one wish for more? lol

    • The money is printing press money, the quantitative easing has started and is open ended, this method did such good work of bankrupting the US it is now being tried in Europe.

      Welcome to the beginning of the collapse of the worlds economy, a collapse that will probably be made worse by the leftist governments in the west.

  3. Insane, pay the enemy for advice on how to destroy France. It is about as stupid an idea as asking a fox to guard a chicken coop, or an undertaker to revive a corpse!! The idea needs to be put to the entire French population asap, but I guess that is too much like a sensible idea.

  4. Simply stated It seems that France taking the liberal and Politically Correct approach is fighting Jihadi warfare with welfare.

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