Another story we will learn nothing about in coming weeks

Radioactive Device Found in Car on Kings Highway in Fairfield

Police are investigating the discovery of a radioactive device in the trunk of a car on Kings Highway in Fairfield, according to Fairfield police spokesman Lt. James Perez.

Kings Highway was shut down in the area of Villa Avenue while police responded to the scene. The highway reopened around 3 p.m.


t’s not clear how it ended up in the car or how the people in the car got a hold of it. Perez said the company to which it belongs was called to the scene to retrieve the device.

Officers served an outstanding arrest warrant to at least one person in the car, according to Perez.

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I’m betting this will go down the same hole as:

The exploding building in Minneapolis

The exploding buildings in Greely On.

The naked muslim caught wriggling into a water treatment plant super early in the AM in New York

Obama’s presidential jet overflying New York City with an F14 after telling the FAA NOT to inform civil authorities.

Montreal Muslim who murdered 14 girls at a technical school in Canada’s first act of jihad

Scottish truck driver who killed around six Christmas shoppers in a very curious ‘accident’ that has subsequently received a D notice on publication. As far as I know, unprecedented for a traffic accident and interestingly in the same week that many muslims drove vehicles into people for jihad as well as went on stabbing rampages.

And about a hundred more including many muslims who went on jihadi shooting rampages or plots that were arrested and foiled before the attack and the information was disappeared.


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