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11 Replies to “Marine Le Pen suggests that her fellow French party leaders actually support the jihadis.”

  1. Attack on UN camp in Mali kills peacekeeper (BBC, Jan 17, 2015)

    “Gunmen have launched an attack on a UN camp in Mali, killing a UN peacekeeper, residents and eyewitnesses say. The attack took place at about 06:00 in the northern town of Kidal. Residents said at least two suicide bombers were involved and a car bomb was detonated. A soldier from Chad was killed and at least one other was injured. A 9,000-strong UN force has been responsible for peacekeeping operations in Mali since July 2013. It regularly comes under attack from militants. An official from the UN force, known as Minusma, confirmed the attack to Reuters news agency, but did not provide further details…”

  2. Iranian paper shut over Clooney ‘Je Suis Charlie’ photo (BBC, Jan 17, 2015)

    “An Iranian court has ordered the closure of a newspaper that published a picture of George Clooney wearing a badge backing French magazine Charlie Hebdo, which was attacked last week. The Mardom e-Emruz (Today’s People) newspaper ran a picture of the actor headlined “I’m Charlie too”. But conservative elements in Teheran were incensed by a catchphrase they regard as “anti-Islamic”, BBC Middle East analyst Alan Johnston says. Judges said the headline was “obscene”…..”

  3. All or at least most politicians right and left do not mind to see IS or ISIS or ISIL with weapons, oil and gold. It supports them no matter their ideology.

    The left will say that we should give to balance the playing field, despite the danger it places soldiers and blame the right if it goes bad. The right will blame the left and use it as a precursor to justify arms spending.

    ALL THE POLITICIAN WHORE CARES ABOUT is his or her job, their salary, their perks, ie the car allowance, housing allowance and pension they can steal from the people.

    Plus the more following IS will not follow their career.

    I have not heard a word about the Charlie Hebdo and Hyper Marche murders for Mohammed from a sea of politicians, Lib, Con, Dem or Rep.

  4. It’s staggering, but she’s right.

    Doesn’t matter if their intentions were good, they’ve nourished the viper family and can’t even admit they’ve failed to contain it.

    So we have to look outside the box. Le Pen imbibed antisemitism with mother’s milk. She’s disavowed that past. Ok.

    I’d still advise Jews not to buy burial plots in France for a while.

  5. Thrown from a roof, stoned to death and crucified: While the world reacts with horror to terror in Europe, new ISIS executions show the medieval brutality jihadists would bring to the West (dailymail, Jan 17, 2015)

    “Two men were hurled from the top of a tower block, two more were crucified in front of a baying crowd and a woman was stoned to death in the latest series of horrific executions by ISIS. The men were thrown from the roof down to the crowd below in the brutal punishment for being gay.

    Charges found against the accused were announced by a masked Islamic State fighter, using a small handheld radio. Reading from a list, he declares the men are guilty of engaging in homosexual activities and should be punished by death, in accordance with Islamic State’s radical interpretation of Sharia law.

    Down on the ground, two men accused of banditry have been tied to makeshift metal crosses. Strung up tightly with yellow and green ribbon around their wrists, the men were hanged from the crosses, wincing in agony’

    They had been tied up and transported in the back of a white pickup truck to the public execution sight in the Iraqi city of Mosul. Both prisoners are shown wearing casual clothing rather than the standard orange jumpsuit, commonly worn by many Islamic State prisoners in recent many high profile execution videos…”

  6. Niger President: 10 Dead After Anti-Charlie Hebdo Protests (abcnews, Jan 17, 2015)

    “The president of Niger says at least 10 people have been killed after violent protests over a French publication’s cartoon depicting Islam’s prophet. President Mahamadou Issoufou said that five deaths were reported after demonstrations in the capital of Niamey on Saturday. The victims were inside churches and bars that were set ablaze, he said. On Friday, at least five people were killed in the town of Zinder after prayer services there.

    The violence erupted after the French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo published a new cartoon depicting the Prophet Muhammad. The issue, published Wednesday, was the first following a Jan. 7 terrorist attack on its headquarters that left 12 dead. Physical depictions of the prophet are considered blasphemous, and protests have erupted in a number of predominantly Muslim countries this week.”

  7. Yemen Arrests 2 Frenchmen Over Suspected Al-Qaida Links (abcnews, Jan 17, 2015)

    “Yemeni authorities have arrested two French citizens suspected of being members of al-Qaida, the country’s national security chief said Saturday, without mentioning whether they were involved in this month’s attack by gunmen on a French newspaper. Gen. Ali Hassan al-Ahmadi says the pair were arrested on charges of belonging to the militant group, adding that al-Qaida has around 1,000 members in Yemen, from 11 different countries. “Recently two Frenchmen were arrested on charges of belonging to al-Qaida,” he told reporters in the capital, Sanaa…”

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