Some observations and events: Links 1 on Jan. 16 – 2015

1. Hostages Taken in Paris Post Office Siege

An armed man has taken several hostages at a post office north-west of Paris, French media reported on Friday. Despite his significant armoury of an assault rifle and Grencades, one TV station issaying the incident was not a suspected terrorist act.

Newspapers Le Figaro and Le Monde, both citing an AFP news agency dispatch based on police sources, reported that a man equipped with an assault rifle had taken an unconfirmed number of hostages at the post office in the town of Colombes, a suburb of Paris.

(Update: Situation resolved without bloodshed, so you know it wasn’t islamic terror)

(It is interesting that while governments and the media do everything in their power to delink islam with terrorism, when an obvious act of terrorism takes place but is not by a muslim they let us all know by saying it isn’t terror. Just saying is all)

2. Ottawa Canada: Juma Abdi is charged with possession of ammunition while prohibited, possession for the purposed of trafficking a Schedule I substance, possession of marijuana, two counts of breach of probation and two counts of breach of recognizance.

3. The Islamic State begins to throw homosexuals off of tall buildings.

(Gay groups too busy protesting Israel to say anything)

4. Ethiopia jails Britons and Somali in ‘terror plot’

Two British citizens and a Somali man have been jailed in Ethiopia for trying to establish an Islamic state, a radio affiliated to the government reports.

The UK Foreign Office has confirmed the detention of two British nationals.

The three men, who received terms ranging from four to seven years, were alleged to have had links with local jihadists, the Fana Broadcasting Corporation (FBC) said.

5. Europol Chief: Terror Threat Is So Significant, It Is Extremely Difficult to Foil All Attacks

(That is the whole story)

6. Pakistan: Two journalists shot by police in Karachi clashes

Thank you Wrath of Khan, M., Tundra T., and all. More to come. Chances are the terror and cruelty and proudly displayed acts of savagery won’t start till after Friday prayers cause none of it has anything to do with Islam.

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  1. RE: 5. Europol Chief: Terror Threat Is So Significant, It Is Extremely Difficult to Foil All Attacks

    And why is this so?

    For this state of affairs, I blame government/EU over the last few decades. In the first instance, they allowed in millions of immigrants who they knew carried with them an ideology that requires the submission of all Infidels. The authorities may claim that they did not know- but ignorance is not an excuse, as history, past and present, has shown that Islam in any form, is dangerous.

    Now that we are in this mess, heading towards a catastrophe, the only options we have is to continue appeasement, and hope, that like the Nazis, Islamo-fascists overplay their hand.
    I just hope and pray, that we are victorious, a total defeat of Islam , and a final death count less then WWII.

    The the West no longer defends freedom of speech in a manner vigorous enough to deter the defenders of Muhammed, from doing what they want. All it does now is to try to apprehend those who defend Muhammad in the prescribed Islamic manner.
    The West is thus engaging in what I term as passive defence – the equivalent of the Maginot line. That was, and is, never enough for victory.

    • DP111 the security forces are playing defense trying to prevent the attacks by arresting the people shortly before the attack, to be successful they have to be lucky every time and this will not happen. They need to become proactive and start fighting this as a war rather then a series of unrelated criminal acts.

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