A few great SUN TV clips. Jihad in Canada by any other name; please and crypto climatology

(with apologies to Yucki. Try the Sun’s page here and see if it works)

1. While SUN TV has the guts to go farther than most in discussing the reasons for the Ecole Polytechnique shooting of 14 women by a Canadian Muslim because he didn’t believe women should be educated, they still avoid the truth. A truth that is so obvious that even the information on Wikipedia about Mr. Lapine, not his real name, he was born,  Gamil Rodrigue Liass Gharbi, and his Algerian jihadi father gives you enough information to work out why he killed all those women being educated about secular matters like engineering and science.

2. The discussion about climatology is no longer about science whatsoever and is now the domain of law fare. No wonder the left likes islam so much. They feel the same way with people who reason and ask questions.

3. One university in Ontario has a dedicated prayer room for only one religion. I wonder which one?

4. Phyllis Chesler joins Michael Coren on islamic antisemitism


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  1. Phyllis shows Michael Coren to be a wimp about islam.
    The Jerusalem synagogue attack was a “‘palestinian’ Israeli issue”?
    For a smart guy who seems to get it, he does not.

    Chesler is a champ!

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