It can’t happen here. Except it will, and it is, and here is how

There is always more than one way of course. But this story out of Libya is quite revealing.

If you combine standard MAFIA operating procedures with a giant organized psychopathic religious cult and Stalinesque approaches to institutional bodies, one can stretch one’s imagination to see how you could accomplish the dissolution of a government merely by threatening whatever body which is legally able to do that.

Or perhaps more accurately, threatening the bodies of the people who sit on those organizations.

From the BBC:

Libya’s supreme court has invalidated the country’s internationally recognised parliament after a legal challenge by a group of politicians.


The ruling was celebrated by militias occupying the capital Tripoli, who have set up an alternative parliament.

But the critical paragraph is:

It is not yet clear how Libya’s supreme court came to its decision

Politicians in Tobruk, the city near the Egyptian border where the parliament is now based, have repeatedly alleged that Tripoli’s courts, judges and their families have been under threat by the coalition of armed groups that controls the capital.

Yes, Muslims would have to have quite a grip to be able to pull something like this off. But organized crime does it in small ways every day. So just think about what a few thousand fanatically dedicated religiously motivated men could do once they feel the time is right.

Getting the declaration would be as easy as making the right threat against the Governor General. Of course it would look like the Beer House Putsch that Hitler tried before he found the right people to intimidate and eventually took control. But eventually, he did intimidate the right people and eventually, he did take control.

Eeyore for Vlad.

H/T Wrath of Khan


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  1. The MAFIA started as a resistance movement to the Norman knights that were occupying Sicily after liberating it from the Moslems.

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