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9 Replies to “Interview with NY film maker who was in Nevada during the Bundy ranch moment.”

  1. Lebanese al-Manar TV journalists killed in Syria (BBC, Apr 15, 2014)

    “Funerals are to take place for three Lebanese journalists for the Hezbollah TV station al-Manar, who were killed in the Syrian town of Maaloula on Monday.

    Reporter Hamza Hajj Hassan and cameraman Mohammed Mantash were due to be buried on Tuesday, while technician Halim Allaw’s funeral is on Wednesday.

    They were reporting on an operation by Syrian soldiers and Hezbollah fighters when their car came under fire.

    Dozens of journalists have been killed, injured or kidnapped in Syria.

    The country has been designated as the most dangerous in the world for media workers.

    The latest kidnappings come as government forces continue operations to recapture areas occupied by the rebels, with state TV announcing the launch of a fresh ground assault by the Syrian army on the central city of Homs on Tuesday.

    It said the army had “achieved key successes” in Homs and was advancing in rebel-held districts besieged for nearly two years…”

  2. Saudi intelligence chief Bandar bin Sultan removed (BBC, Apr 16, 2014)

    “Saudi Arabia’s intelligence chief, Prince Bandar bin Sultan, has been removed from his post “at his own request”, state media report.

    Prince Bandar, King Abdullah’s nephew and a former ambassador to the US, recently returned to Riyadh after two months abroad for medical treatment.

    The 65 year old has been replaced by his deputy, Gen Youssef al-Idrissi.

    His departure comes months after he was quoted warning of a “major shift” from the US over its Middle East policy.

    Largely in protest over Washington’s reluctance to get involved militarily in Syria, he reportedly told European diplomats in October that Saudi Arabia would be scaling back its co-operation with the CIA over arming and training rebel groups seeking to topple President Bashar al-Assad.

    A trip to Moscow to press Russian President Vladimir Putin to abandon his support for the Syrian government also failed to produce results.

    “He had been more or less disengaged from the Syrian file for the past five months,” Mustafa Alani, a security expert with close ties to the Saudi government, told the Reuters news agency….”

  3. Jordan ‘targets vehicles crossing from Syria’ (BBC, Apr 16, 2014)

    “Jordanian warplanes have targeted and destroyed several vehicles trying to cross the border from Syria, the Jordanian military has said.

    A statement said the “camouflaged” vehicles tried to enter from a rugged area. When warning shots were ignored, the fighter jets opened fire, it added.

    Photographs given to the BBC showed two unmarked pick-up trucks riddled with bullets, one of them on fire.

    Syrian state media cited the army as saying it was not linked to them.

    A Jordanian security source told the Reuters news agency that the vehicles were thought to have been driven by Syrian rebels.

    Spokesman Mohammed al-Momani said the government was increasingly worried about “cases of infiltration” and “reports that talk about armed groups that are close to the border and the absence of security there”.

    The kingdom sees the many hardline Islamist and jihadist rebels fighting in Syria as a domestic security threat, and has boosted security along the 370km (230-mile) border to prevent them entering….”

  4. Pakistan Taliban announce end to ceasefire (BBC, Apr 16, 2014)

    “The Pakistani Taliban have announced that they will not extend the ceasefire they began in March, effectively ending their truce with the government.

    A Pakistani Taliban (TTP) spokesman said the move was due to the government ignoring their demands, but that they remained committed to peace talks.

    There was no immediate response from the government.

    Peace talks with the TTP were a key campaign pledge for Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in last year’s elections.

    The two sides had agreed to the ceasefire as part of peace efforts.

    The TTP pledged a month-long ceasefire on 1 March, which was later extended to 10 April.

    The government had also suspended air strikes against militants.

    However, on Wednesday the TTP said in a statement that its central council had “unanimously agreed not to extend the ceasefire” because the government had been “completely silent” following the Taliban’s initial demands….”

  5. Female Lawmaker Defiant After Assassination Bid in Afghanistan (nbcnews, Apr 16, 2014)

    “Gunmen sprayed a prominent female politician’s vehicle with bullets in the Afghan capital on Tuesday but the victim remained defiant.

    Mariam Koofi was hospitalized with a wounded leg, according to her family. Her wounds were not considered life-threatening.

    Her younger sister Fawzia Koofi, who was a one-time presidential hopeful, called the attack an “assassination attempt” and claimed it was politically motivated.

    However, she insisted that neither woman would quit politics.

    “Their goal is to stop us from progress, to put women down from social and political positions,” said Fawzia Koofi, who has also survived several attempts on her life….”

  6. I don’t understand why there are so many comments about Syria, Taliban, Lebaneses, etc.
    Great interview Megan. I want to know WHO gave the order to shoot the ranchers. What one person can be held accountable? Metro? Who the hell is Metro?
    If someone gave the order to shoot the rancher if they took back the cattle, someone also had to give the order to not shoot. How high up the chain of command do you go to find the one person to hang for murder?

  7. This incident may turn out to be the Boston Tea Party in the 21st Century, this shows the patriots can win but they have to stick together and to organize we can’t win if we have to depend on spontaneous action all the time.

  8. USA: Cliven Bundy speaks out about government “threats”

    “Well let me explain to you how it was when we didn’t have the militia here. We had snipers up on these hills around this ranch and there were people laying down with high-powered rifles pointed at my family. We have like 200 armed United States BLM people travelling the roads, walking all accesses. We felt like getting away from our home to do anything [we] was threatened, our life was threatened. They were stealing my cattle, every day they had helicopters, contract cowboys, stealing loads of my cattle, abusing my cattle and ruining my range improvements, my water improvements and things like that. That was going on every day.”

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