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  1. To my mind the eastern parts should split off and join Russia! Why try to keep together a state that will never work?? Again multiculturalism is failing. The Western part will then perhaps join NATO and the EU. The first option I could live with, the second of course will only help the demise of the hated EUtopia which is already a giant on shaky clay feet (that is running out of luck, cash and political-social legitimacy).

  2. Hello there………its me again…….Don Laird……

    The United States is a farce, mocked and derided around the world, purposely made militarily weak and ineffectual by her Muslim stewardship. Now her sabre rattling only provokes uproarious laughter and disgust in the international community and in turn she flexes her muscles by brutalizing her own citizens.

    Further, the USA sits on a razor edge of financial disaster and lives on borrowed time with her implosion and collapse looming on the horizon.

    The United States of America is little more than a worn out, toothless old whore, little more than an aged, arthritic lion who sits in the dying day’s light and roars a coughing emphysematic roar and nervously watches as the hyenas circle and close in, the old whore knows what the hyenas know; that she won’t make it through the night.

    Obama has won.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Crankville County
    Alberta, Canada

  3. Hagel says US to send non-lethal military aid to Ukraine

    Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel announced Thursday that the U.S. will send more non-lethal military aid to Ukraine, as fighting with pro-Russian factions intensifies in the eastern part of the country.

    Hagel, speaking at a press conference at the Pentagon with his Polish counterpart, said the approved aid would include medical supplies, helmets, sleeping mats, water purification units and small power generators.

    The announcement follows a report earlier this week that the administration was withholding non-lethal military aid sought by the Ukrainian government, including body armor and night-vision goggles. The aid announced Thursday may stop short of all the items on Ukraine’s wishlist.


  4. Mea Culpa………..sorta, kinda, but not really……

    Yet you bridled at one of my earlier comments………or admonished with overtones of caution……but this I know as do many Americans…….that there are senior echelons within the US Armed Forces officer corps who are quietly looking around them for their allies and their enemies, there are young men and women in West Point who quietly look around them for their allies and their enemies…..and they seek as do sheriffs associations, as do millions of patriot Americans across the United States, for a solution to the treason and sedition that reigns supreme at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

    They have watched as the greatest republic in the history of mankind has been rendered toothless, has been ravaged, rent and sodomized, has been smeared with the filth and excrement of a poisonous 7th century political ideology, has been made the laughing stock of the world, has been bankrupted, has been forced to her knees with her enemies daggers placed at her throat and all this at the command of a vulgar little bastard mongrel, this son of a common whore, a vicious little steam-bath homosexual, a conniving, treasonous, seditious communist who plots the final days of the country he hates with every fiber of his feminine shell, they have watched and they have waited and they are sure their tormentor will not torment much longer.

    And who can blame them?

    Who can begrudge these decent men and women, these patriots, the mechanism that will remove a cancer from the White House?

    Who can deny these decent men and women, who can deny millions of decent Americans whose families have spilled blood and poured sweat in the building of this great republic, who can deny all of these souls the coup d’etat that will drag treachery, by its throat, from the White House and stand it on trial to face charges of high treason and sedition?

    There are those who will not wait until America herself is assassinated. There are those who look back at the early days before Hitler took power and wonder why those who knew him for who he was did not take decisive action and in so doing spare the world the misery and losses of WW2. There are those who look at the early days of all the tyrants, despots and dictators and wonder why patriots did not act with courage and resolve and in so doing, spare the lives and misery of hundreds of millions of souls. There are those who wonder if America’s future, America’s salvation lays in an echo of that too little, too late afternoon of July 20th, 1944

  5. Lavrov: Russia, US, EU, Ukraine agreed on Ukraine de-escalation roadmap

    Russia, the US, the EU and Ukraine have adopted a joint document on the de-escalation of the Ukraine crisis, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said, after talks in Geneva. It calls for all illegal armed groups to lay down arms and a wide amnesty.

    “Among the steps that have to be taken are: the disarmament of all the illegal armed groups, and the return of all the occupied administrative buildings,” Lavrov told journalists at the Thursday briefing.

    “An amnesty for all the protesters must take place, except of those who committed grave crimes,” the Foreign Minister added.

    […]the Western powers are reportedly treating the meeting as a way to push Moscow into recognizing Kiev’s coup-imposed authorities. Lavrov, however, stressed that “this would not be the case.”


  6. I dont get it Don Laird.

    There is no good reason for the US to go into a confrontation with Russia. It is pointless.

    Ukraine must be split up to avoid civil war, thats just how it is. We dont need a new cold war, with the likely coming turkish led caliphate breathing down our necks.

    Russia should be a friend and an ally, not an enemy.

  7. Richard North sums it well after looking at the armour that the Ukrainian military sent forth to wage WWIII

    Meanwhile, in the face of western impotence and incompetence (a truly toxic mix), the Russians and Ukrainians are getting on with “sorting” their problems between them, which really amounts to Ukraine doing what it’s told. If you want an example of “fax democracy”, I suppose Kiev is as good a place as any to start looking.


  8. State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki tweeted a serious allegation against Russia but when questioned she can’t back it up.

  9. MOSCOW – Russian Patriarch Kirill prays for Ukraine

    “Politically, Ukraine is a foreign country, but spiritually and historically, this has never been so. We are the same nation before God, we practice the same Orthodox religion, however much someone wanted to tell that the Ukrainian people practice other religions, too,” said the Patriarch, addressing the religious before the beginning of the prayer

    He noted that “we respect religious minorities, but continue to state and will argue that Ukraine is an integral part of Holy Rus, an Orthodox country.”

    Patriarch Kirill called on “all the faithful of the Russian Orthodox Church” to pray on the eve of the main Christian holiday “for the people of Rus living in Ukraine” in order for the Lord to pacify the Ukrainian land and not to allow an “internal war” under any circumstances, to stop the intentions of those who would like “to tear Holy Rus to pieces” by political means or power pressure.

    “It has repeatedly occurred in history, and nobody has ever managed to do it,” said the Patriarch. “And today, as the temptation to bridge this gap with the acquisition of military and political superiority is strong, we, Orthodox children of Holy Rus, should pray to the Lord for the pacification of Ukraine, cessation of violence, and establishment of peace.”

    Respecting the sovereignty of the modern Ukraine, the Patriarch said that he would pray that the Lord helped to overcome the political and social crisis in this country, a new government was legitimately elected and the changes, which corresponded with today’s wishes of the people of the Republic, were introduced in the Constitution.


  10. Ukraine: Several dead in alleged shooting near Slavyansk

    Five people are reported to have been shot dead at a checkpoint near the eastern Ukrainian city of Slavyansk on Saturday night, despite a ceasefire being in effect

  11. April 22 2014 US sending 600 troops to Poland, Baltics for drills

    The United States is deploying about 600 troops to Poland and the Baltics to underscore its commitment to NATO allies amid tensions with Russia over the crisis in Ukraine, the Pentagon said Tuesday.

    A company of 150 soldiers from the US Army’s 173rd Airborne Brigade based in Vicenza, Italy will arrive in Poland on Wednesday and roughly 450 troops are due in Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia in coming days as part of a new series of exercises due to last at least through the end of the year, spokesman Rear Admiral John Kirby told a news conference.

    “Since Russia’s aggression in the Ukraine, we have been constantly looking at ways to reassure our allies and partners,” Kirby said.

    The deployment of US troops is “a very tangible representation of our commitment to our security obligations in Europe,” he said.

    The move also sent a “message to Moscow” that “we take our obligations very, very seriously on the continent of Europe.”

    The US Army troops flying to the region this week would be in place for a month and then replaced by other American forces, in a succession of deployments with no end date, he said.

    “How far this will go? I can’t give you a specific, you know, deadline or timeline on it. But we’re looking at trying to keep this rotational presence persistent throughout the rest of this year,” he said.

    The move is the latest bid by Washington to soothe concerns among NATO allies in Eastern Europe, where Russia’s intervention in Ukraine has sparked growing alarm.

    Since the start of the Ukraine crisis, the Pentagon has sent 12 F-16 fighter jets and aviation support teams to Poland.

    The Pentagon spokesman said he could not rule out the possibility that the army exercises and training could be extended to other NATO countries in the region.


  12. RUSSIA – Gazprom to work out South Stream route to Austria along with Italian route

    Russian gas giant Gazprom has for the first time announced officially that the South Stream gas pipeline could have an endpoint not only at the Slovenian-Italian border, but also in Austria, Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller said following talks with Austria.

    “With the goal of optimizing the South Stream project and considering Gazprom’s current contract portfolio, we are in agreement with Austria’s proposal to work out the possible construction of a pipeline section in Austria in the framework of the current inter-governmental agreement,” he said, adding that this was in addition to work being carried out to build a gas pipeline in Slovenia.

    + pic on the page :


  13. Russia’s Gazprom Presses Ukraine To Pay Up

    Ukraine should know better by now. If there is one company you do not mess with, it is Gazprom .

    The new, pro-Western government of Ukraine owes the Russian gas giant around $2 billion for deliveries made to Naftogaz, the Ukrainian distributor. Now the Russian government that owns Gazprom is telling Kiev that if it does not pay for the gas up front, it will not get any gas at all.

    Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev didn’t mince words on Tuesday when he stood up for Gazprom. Though he did call the Ukrainians his comrades, at least, as if willing to show his patience with a country that until recently was firmly in his country’s sphere of influence.

    “Most likely, if our partners are unable to start the payment process with Russia and to the main gas suppliers, we will be obliged to introduce an advance payment system,” Medvedev reportedly said. “We have a problem with them. These problems did not arise today. Unfortunately, almost any Ukrainian leadership, no matter who the president or the prime minister was, has continued in the same line, the line of illegally using Russian gas,” Medvedev said.


  14. Russian forces conducted military exercises in the south-western Rostov region near the border with Ukraine on Wednesday.

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