Sharia demanding muslim group in UK stage counter demo to Britain First.

Some big name west-hating savages in this lot.

From the Britain First email:

Fellow patriot,

Recently, the activists of the “Britain First Defence Force” confronted hate preachers Anjem Choudary and Abu Izzadeen and their vile Muslim extremist horde in London.

During this counter demonstration, the police allowed infamous hate preacher and convicted terrorist Abu Izzadeen to walk past our protest – lest to say, our activists weren’t too happy about this:

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14 Replies to “Sharia demanding muslim group in UK stage counter demo to Britain First.”

  1. I’m worried that the leader of Britain First may start being hounded by the authorities like Tommy Robinson was. I’m sure that they’ll try to pin something on him.
    However, it does look like Britain First may be tougher than the EDL. I can only hope that their numbers grow and grow.

  2. When Britain First starts becoming popular and making the government look bad they will start arresting the leaders just as they did the EDL, this will drive all but the most committed people out of the organization.

  3. My respect to Britain First..It’s good to see some REAL English men get off their backsides and do something about these disgusting Muslims. They offend me 24/7. Every Brit should have a Union Flag in a window, on their dare they say the British flag is racist? Display our flag with pride!

  4. I won’t be surprised to see the pirate’s flag go up soon. There’ll be a handful of resisters, but the majority is corrupt. Always has been, always will be.

  5. I know the lab says the tubes are filled with incomplete virus and are no danger but I have two questions on that

    1: Are they telling the truth

    2: Did the people who took the tubes know that?

  6. Question 3: Would an expert in virology like the people who worked in the lab in Ottawa where at least one and possibly 2 people are now under terrorism charges and in custody, might know how to use this fragment to make a weaponized version of it? Perhaps by adding some more common aspect of a virus like a flu or something?

    In other words, to take Yucki’s analogy to its logical conclusion, is it like someone stole 2300 receivers for a high powered rifle that are inert on their own but can be fitted to common AR15’s by an expert?

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