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3 Replies to “Nevada. The Gates of Vienna assessment of the immediate future. Feds make tactical retreat”

  1. Interesting, I would love to know what the Feds are planning, and I would like to know what the one woman was talking about when she said that Special Forces removed the Snipers? Was she refering to former members of the US Special Forces or was she saying that active duty personal went there to help the people?

  2. Isn’t there a reservation for the Bureau of Land Management?

    They’re just a black box for moving money around in a world of big players. Resource developers [oil, natural gas, mining] or lobbyists for same, they legitimize anything under the rubric of “environmentalism”. It’s among the most corrupt agencies of the federal government.

    They have no mandate and they’re making things up as they go. They trump regional and federal legal entities. Somehow they always manage to show up with enforcers. Very un-American.

    A lobbyist says, let’s free up this land for a solar energy facility. The Chinese are offering $5 billion, and this Bundy guy isn’t even paying rent! Sure, he’s the last of his kind in the region, but he’s not on the endangered species list. So go for broke —— he’s history.

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