A little more on the shooting of the leader of the ADL in Australia

I do not know this person or his group. But I do know that the reporting on the incident was an egregious breach on democratic principles. The fact that there was no description of the shooter given at all in the report I posted earlier today but lots of vilification of the victim is unacceptable in a democracy that makes claims to freedom of speech as well as due process in law.

I will look into this today. For the moment, this video from a muslim group directed at this man may offer some insight into who shot him: (H/T Oz-Rita)

And this article by Andrew Bolt, one of the most important voices in Australia, and who has been silenced by the courts for saying something demonstrably true, but not in accord with the Cultural-Marxist approach to how minorities are to be described.

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  1. Welcome to the modern world, I still can’t see any way out of a massive number of civil wars in the near future.

  2. Yemen: Militants kill 5 soldiers at checkpoint (CNN, Apr 4, 2014)

    “Suspected al Qaeda militants in pickup trucks attacked a Yemeni security checkpoint on Friday, killing five soldiers and injuring three others, two Yemeni Defense Ministry officials said.

    Soldiers killed an unspecified number of attackers during the incident in southern Hadramaut province, the Defense Ministry said. More than a dozen militants arrived in three pickup vehicles, according to the ministry.

    Checkpoint attacks have been common in Yemen over the past year. Last month, gunmen killed 20 soldiers at a different Hadramaut checkpoint. In February, 18 soldiers were killed and six others were injured in the same province. The government has yet to release details about the perpetrators in either attack.

    On Thursday, the Yemeni Interior Ministry announced it intensified its hunt for terror suspects around the country, and that its forces would be on high alert for terror attacks.”

  3. Sh*t moving north hand in hand with the youth bulges ?

    Ebola outbreak: Mali on alert (BBC, Apr 4, 2014)

    “Mali is on alert over the deadly Ebola virus after three suspected cases were reported near the border with Guinea, where 86 people have died.

    A BBC correspondent says there are tight controls on people entering the capital, Bamako, from the border area.

    He says thermal-imaging cameras are screening passengers at the airport in case they have a fever.

    The virus, which is spread by close contact and kills 25%- 90% of its victims, has already spread to Liberia.

    Meanwhile, an Air France plane which landed in Paris from Guinea was quarantined for two hours on Friday morning after the crew suspected a passenger was infected with Ebola.

    “The test turned out negative,” a spokesman for the airline said.

    Six people have died in Liberia, out of 12 suspected cases, according to the local health authorities.

    Sierra Leone has also reported suspected cases, while Senegal has closed its normally busy border with Guinea…..”

  4. CAR crisis: UN says Chad troops fired into market (BBC, Apr 4, 2014)

    “Chadian soldiers in the Central African Republic killed at least 30 civilians in an unprovoked attack on a market in Bangui last weekend, a UN inquiry says.

    Another 300 people in the capital were injured in the shooting, it said.

    The troops, who were reportedly on a mission to evacuate some of the city’s remaining Muslim inhabitants, said they were attacked first by militias.

    Chad has said it will pull its peacekeepers out of CAR in protest at claims that they aided Muslim rebels.

    In the year since the Muslim Seleka rebels ousted the CAR government last March, the country has been engulfed by a wave of religious violence….”

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