News links for April 4 2014 – 2

1. muslims attack police in Mombassa. Immediately after Friday afternoon prayers. Go figure.

Kenya video 2

Some description available at YT link. H/T M

2. Terry Jones press release. The reverend is heading to Dearborn again.

Now they are against an Easter egg hunt in a church which is inviting school children to attend.  This is another example of the hatred that Islam has for the American way of life.

{See article in Detroit Free Press:  Muslim parents upset over school flyer promoting church’s Easter egg hunt }

2b. The article in Jones’ press release is rather significant. Muslims offended and upset by Christians doing Christian things in a Christian building but in an area significantly occupied by muslims should cause people to think about immigration and mosque construction very carefully. Excerpt below:

Majed Moughni, 43, of Dearborn holds flyers given to students at Howard Elementary School in Dearborn.

Majed Moughni, 43, of Dearborn holds flyers given to students at Howard Elementary School in Dearborn. / Ryan Garza/Detroit Free Press

By Niraj Warikoo

Detroit Free Press Staff Writer

Some Muslim parents are concerned about public schools in Dearborn handing out flyers to all students advertising an Easter egg hunt, saying it violates the principle of church and state separation.

A flyer headlined “Eggstravaganza!” was given to students this week at three elementary schools in the Dearborn Public Schools district, which has a substantial number of Muslim students. The flyer described an April 12 event at Cherry Hill Presbyterian Church in Dearborn featuring an egg hunt, relay race, and egg toss. It asked students to RSVP “to secure your free spot” and included images of eggs and a bunny.

3. The angry muslim about Easter egg hunts should read the article linked below to know what separation of church and state actually mean.

‘Eat pork or go hungry’: France’s National Front leader tells school canteens to stop offering religious alternatives to Muslim children

National Front leader Marine Le Pen said on Friday it would prevent schools from offering non-pork alternatives to Muslim pupils in the 11 towns it won in local elections, saying such arrangements were contrary to France’s secular values.

France’s republic has a strict secular tradition enforceable by law, but faith-related demands have risen in recent years, especially from the country’s five-million-strong Muslim minority, the largest in Europe.

‘We will not accept any religious demands in school menus,’ Le Pen told RTL radio. ‘There is no reason for religion to enter the public sphere, that’s the law.’

Pork is forbidden under Jewish and Muslim dietary laws.

H/T UK Pete

4. Ebola outbreak: Mali on alert
Staff of the "Doctors without Borders" ("Medicins sans Frontieres") medical aid organisation carry the body of a person killed by viral haemorrhagic fever, at a centre for victims of the Ebola virus in Guekedou, on April 1, 2014. There is no known cure or vaccine for Ebola

Mali is on alert over the deadly Ebola virus after three suspected cases were reported near the border with Guinea, where 86 people have died.

A BBC correspondent says there are tight controls on people entering the capital, Bamako, from the border area.

He says thermal-imaging cameras are screening passengers at the airport in case they have a fever.

The virus, which is spread by close contact and kills 25%- 90% of its victims, has already spread to Liberia.

Meanwhile, an Air France plane which landed in Paris from Guinea was quarantined for two hours on Friday morning after the crew suspected a passenger was infected with Ebola.

H/T Wrath of Khan

5. Why An Underreported, ‘Significant Incident of Domestic Terrorism’ Might Not Be a Failed Attack at All

(Two small excerpts)

In addition to fingerprint-free shell casings, they pointed out small piles of rocks, which they said could have been left by an advance scout to tell the attackers where to get the best shots.

One week ago, a former chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission told the Wall Street Journal that the sabotage of a California transformer substation was “the most significant incident of domestic terrorism involving the grid that has ever occurred.”

H/T Richard

6. CAR crisis: UN says Chad troops fired into market

Another 300 people in the capital were injured in the shooting, it said.

The troops, who were reportedly on a mission to evacuate some of the city’s remaining Muslim inhabitants, said they were attacked first by militias.

Chad has said it will pull its peacekeepers out of CAR in protest at claims that they aided Muslim rebels.

(The video at that BBC page is interesting. It clearly makes the Muslims out to be the victims even though it states the facts that all anti-Muslim actions are retaliatory and that they staged a coup and installed a Muslim president and that still Muslims attack Churches etc.)

7. White Widow Samantha Lewthwaite vows new wave of ‘attacks’ on westerners to avenge the murder of her terrorist teacher as he walked to a mosque in Kenya

The ‘White Widow’ Samantha Lewthwaite could be planning a retaliation attack after her ‘terrorist teacher’ was shot dead this week.

Al-Qaeda leader Abubakar Shariff Ahmed was killed by unidentified gunmen as he and a friend were walking from a court in Mombasa, Kenya to a nearby mosque.

Ahmed, also known as Makaburi – meaning graveyard, is said to be the person who recruited Samantha Lewthwaite, 29, to al-Shabaab, an African-centered phalanx of Al-Qaeda.

Link: Ahmed had been linked to fugitive terror suspect Samantha Lewthwaite, dubbed the White Widow, as he helped more than 100 Britons to join Somali terrorist group al-Shabaab, which counts her as a member

Link: Ahmed had been linked to fugitive terror suspect Sa

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6 Replies to “News links for April 4 2014 – 2”

  1. #2 This should scare anyone who believes in religious freedom.

    #3 This is what the entire west is headed to, religious intolerance. The Moslems are creating the very backlash the left has been waring us about, and the Moslems and the left are going to wish they hadn’t.

    #4 This Ebola outbreak isn’t acting like the previous ones, it is spreading much further then before, either it has mutated or this is a bio attack.

    #5 Looking at this attack from a different angle it was a very successful attack, it succeed in destroying a lot of transformers and only good luck and fast work prevented the attack from shutting down the grid to millions of people. One day we won’t be as lucky and the attack will shut down the grid to millions of homes for weeks.

  2. 4/ Ebola is catchy via direct contact with fluids or tissue of an infected carrier. Like AIDS only exponentially more so. Sweat, spit, urine, etc. Incubation of up to 3 weeks means an index case might be a fellow passenger or flight attendant on your next flight from anywhere. Or one of the cleaners of the plane between flights. Who touched what passport? boarding pass? door-knob? arm-rest?

    The virus remains virulent for up to 7 weeks in the semen of a recovered patient.

    => Virus-tainted bushmeat. Don’t even touch it. Or the ground around it. Or any person who may have been in contact with it.
    => Using toilet paper and washing with soap & water may be effete Western habits, but they sure help contain infectious diseases.
    => Charming native funerary customs – say, communal slobbering over a newly dead corpse – accelerate contagion.

    Death rates are excessive for various reasons.
    Since Ebola typically occurs in areas where malaria is widespread, and early symptoms look like malaria to medical personnel, nurses and doctors start dying off. That’s usually the tip-off to alert public health officials to start collecting lab specimens for confirmation of one of several diseases that present like Ebola.

    Panic sets in, suspected victims & care-givers are abandoned just when they need help getting water and other supplies the most. THAT accounts for such high mortality rates in remote villages. Not to mention the witch-hunting frenzy that kicks-in, where huts of entire extended families are torched, sometimes with their inhabitants still inside.

    Supportive treatment – prevention of shock, parenteral fluids, electrolytes, etc. can bring death rates down to 20-65% from 90%. The wide differential corresponds to time of onset before treatment, quality of care, and the patient’s overall health. Malnourished children with worms and anemic, multiparous young women die off fast.

    Side note: Pigs are implicated in Ebola.

  3. 3/ Pack a lunch or eat veggies.
    Halal is about as haram for me as it gets. They say allah-blah-blah as they behead people. Watch the animal slaughter clips, you’ll see the same thing.

    5/ EMP is huge. Our grid is naked. The article says, “[…] the military is 99 percent reliant upon the civilian energy grid transformers exactly like the one attacked in California”. Wipe-out.

    7/ Makaburi, aka Abubakar Shariff Ahmed. I’ve been looking for this news since his interview just after the Westgate Mall massacre. Lovely!

  4. #2b

    “My son was like, ‘Dad, I really don’t feel comfortable getting these flyers, telling me to go to church. I thought churches are not supposed to mix with schools.’ ”

    His seven year old son never said this in a thousand years,, so he is a fuc*ing liar.

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