Asylum seeker admits vandalism in six churches

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A 37-year-old asylum seeker, who was apprehended on Tuesday on suspicion of deliberately causing damage to several Vienna churches, has declared himself comprehensively guilty. The man admitted that in a total of six churches he had destroyed statues and damaged baptismal fonts.

The man had left behind a trail of destruction through Viennese cathedrals. In doing so, he caused massive material damage, which has so far left investigators puzzled. According to police in reference to his statement, the 37-year-old had committed his crimes in Pfarre St. Othmar, Kolonitzplatz, Bezirk Landstraße, in a church at Uhlplatz in the Viennese suburb Josefstadt, in Lazaristenkirche, Neubau, in Pfarrkirche, Neuottakring, in the main cathedral of Saint Stephan, and finally on Tuesday in Barnabitenkirche, Mariahilf.

Gallery of damages at link

Gallery of damages at link


Caught in the act in St. Stephen’s Cathedral

The man was first arrested on Saturday evening, when the 37-year-old threw the statue of the Holy Judas Thaddeus from its stand. As he tried to escape, intervention by employees held him back. Shortly after, however, the man was released, and only later it was discovered that he had vandalized several other churches. Due to their suspicions, the Vienna legal authorities issued a warrant for his arrest.

Early Tuesday the 37-year-old struck again, damaging two statues in Mariahilfer Pfarrkirche. Shortly thereafter the man was finally apprehended in Traiskirchen, Lower Austria.

The 37-year-old says he was on “tasked by God”

“He has made a complete confession, but is providing very confusing statements about his motivation. The man has stated that he ‘was tasked by God’”, said police spokesman Roman Hahslinger on Tuesday evening. The 37-year-old has explained that according to his belief, man must not create any idols.

“The suspect is not psychotic at the moment, but will be taken to prison”, according to Hahslinger. There is no immediate risk of self-inflicted harm or harm to others, but of course the mental state of the imprisoned will be examined. Political motivations for his vandalism are ruled out.

[Gallery of photos of damage at churches at original site. ed]

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10 Replies to “Asylum seeker admits vandalism in six churches”

  1. Not just any bombing. Another high level brass killed in Egypt.

    Egypt crisis: Police chief dies in Cairo bombings (BBC, Apr 2, 2014)

    “A police brigadier-general was killed and at least five people were injured when three bombs went off near Cairo university, officials said. A group calling itself Ajnad Misr, or Soldiers of Egypt, said it was behind the attack.

    The first two bombs went off within minutes of each other, with the third exploding about two hours later. There has been a rise in militant attacks on government targets since the Muslim Brotherhood was ousted in 2013.”

  2. Kabul suicide blast: Police killed at interior ministry (BBC, Apr 2, 2014)

    “A suicide bomber has killed at least six police officers outside the interior ministry in Afghanistan’s capital, Kabul, officials say. A ministry spokesman told the BBC the attacker had tried to get inside the building wearing a military uniform.

    Taliban militants claimed responsibility for the deadly blast. There have been frequent attacks in Afghanistan in recent days in the run-up to Saturday’s presidential elections.

    The interior ministry spokesman said the suicide bomber blew himself up while trying to enter the ministry’s human resources department…”

  3. Afghanistan: Taliban blamed for fresh violence ahead of elections (CNN, Apr 2, 2014)

    “A provincial council candidate and nine of his supporters were killed by the Taliban in Afghanistan two days after they were kidnapped, said Sakhidad Haidari, deputy police chief of northern Sar-e-Pul province.

    The 10 were kidnapped Sunday and shot dead Tuesday night, Haidari told CNN on Wednesday.

    The bodies of four of those killed, including the Sar-e-Pul election candidate, Hussain Nazari, have been returned to police, he said. The other six remain in the hands of the Taliban….”

  4. Obliterating any images, of the earth, heaven and women, (but not electronic), because God said He doesn’t like it, does make the experience odd. For Islam is full of symbolic idols, from the crescent moon to the squiggly name of Allah to the dress codes and domed buildings. All visual-cultic semblances. No natural individual creation amongst them. Clones. Who then fit right-in with socialist ‘playing-with-dolls’ collectivism.

    Men without minds, with women who don’t mind. No rush of Musselmas leaving Islam when they get to the West. It’s only the most intelligent of them that do.

    The religion of possession, of booty on earth and leisure and more sex in heaven. Laziness is to receive is embedded. A life of calling everyone “yes boss”. Taking away that dream then, by idols of other inwardly or outwardly outcomes, would insult these who have cultivated an air of being busy doing nothing, as holy.

  5. No mention of the terrorist who defiled churches

    But here he is

    Ibrahim A., a 37-year-old Ghanaian Muslim, is being described as a “madman.” However, he was listening to “religious music” on his iPod before he vandalized the churches. One may imagine, given what he did then, that he wasn’t playing Bach, but rather recitations of the Qur’an —

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