CURRENTLY: Another shooting rampage at fort Hood on now

One dead so far

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All indications are that this is a convert to Islam waging jihad on the base.

UPDATE; Suspect in custody. But when will we get his Islamic name?

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15 Replies to “CURRENTLY: Another shooting rampage at fort Hood on now”

  1. Chris,
    They seem to be getting away with Benghazi-gate, but they can’t cover this atrocity in the USA. When will we impeach the o-bum-a?

  2. All the trash in all the prisons are going to convert to this devil worship. Every violent thug no matter how heinous can justify brutality.

    Jail must be paradise: lots of fresh meat, no menses.

  3. Unfortunately, Yuk, it seems to be the case that a government can get away with absolutely anything as long as the mainstream media is conspiring with them to hide the truth. The thing is, that no matter how well-argued and correct your position is, it doesn’t mean anything at all if the media refuses to let anybody hear it. Without their stamp of approval, all dissenting voices become nothing more than extreme right wing propaganda, not worth even listening to by decent, intelligent people…

    And you’re right, they do seem to be getting away with leaving their own people to die in Benghazi. I mean, what would John Wayne say about a President who didn’t even try to rescue Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett at the Alamo? Unbelievable! But the mainstream media controls what people think. Only events could possibly break the grip they have on our world…

  4. Chris, the MSM may be losing its strangle-hold. Things go viral online. Obum would’ve bombed Syria if RT hadn’t shown fake victims of chemical attacks. Matt Drudge has more power than the NYT.

  5. Yuk

    I agree with you about the prisons. But what really scares me is the possibility that our own darling teenagers will decide that becoming a tattooed Vegan isn’t irritating enough, so they’ll start converting to Islam en masse instead. “Please don’t touch me, Mother. I’m on my way to prayers and I don’t want to become unclean.” Oh, that’s going to be a fucking riot!

    If only our mainstream media would get a bit honest and start informing people about the nature of Islam instead of constantly hiding it. People assume because they never mention it, that the situation can’t really be that bad, ’cause if it were, they’d surely say something…wouldn’t they?

  6. Chris + [Richard],
    Everytime you guys mention this, I’m terrified. You’re right. This isn’t a sojourn with Hari Krishna, they can’t undo it.

    Or maybe we’ll just have to change that little piece of fat-wa. De-program our kids, then protect them with our lives.

  7. Chris you are right about the MSM, they are going to cover for the left no matter what.

    yucki you are right about the MSM losing power, it is taking a long time but they are losing it.

    Impeaching Obama will do nothing unless we have a Senate that will vote guilty and remove him from office, the Dems will never vote against him and most of the Republican leadership will not vote to remove him from office. The only way to remove him from office is to scare the Republican leadership enough that they go along with the TEA Party.

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