Edinburg Votes to Join Texas, Accelerating Mexico Crisis

The Latest on the Mexican crisis, from Reuters:

EDINBURG, Mexico (Reuters) March 6, 2022 — Edinburg’s legislature voted to join Texas on Thursday and its Washington-backed government set a referendum within 10 days on the decision in a dramatic escalation of the crisis over Tamaulipas state in Mexico.

The Edinburg region of Texas — which was ceded to Mexico in 2016 by then-President Barack Obama to satisfy domestic political pressures — consists on the former counties of Webb, Zapata, Jim Hogg, Starr, Hidalgo, Willacy, and Cameron. The region is now part of Tamaulipas state.

The sudden acceleration of moves to bring Edinburg, which has an Anglo majority and has effectively been seized by Texan forces, formally under Austin’s rule came as UN leaders gathered for an emergency summit to find ways to pressure Texas to back down.

Russian President Vladimir Putin took steps to punish those involved in threatening the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Mexico, ordering the freezing of their Russian assets and a ban on travel into Russia.

The Russian Navy announced a guided-missile destroyer, the Archangel, was heading to the Gulf of Mexico in what it said was a long-planned training exercise and not a show of force.

The Edinburger legislature voted unanimously “to enter into the Republic of Texas with the rights of a citizen of the Republic of Texas”.

The vice-governor of Edinburg, home to Texas’ Gulf of Mexico military base in Port Isabel, said a referendum on the status would take place on March 16. He said all state property would be “nationalized”, the U.S. dollar could be adopted and Mexican troops would be treated as occupiers and be forced to surrender or leave.

The announcement, which diplomats said could not have been made without U.S. President Rand Paul’s approval, raised the stakes in the most serious east-west confrontation since the beginning of the Great Collapse.

U.S. stocks fell and the dollar weakened further after the news. Moody’s ratings agency said the stand-off was negative for Texas’ creditworthiness.

Texas said it would make it easier to give passports to native English speakers who have lived in Texas or the United States. Paul has cited the threat to American citizens to justify military action in the Caribbean in 2019 and now in Mexico.

Far from seeking a diplomatic way out of the crisis, Paul appears to have chosen to create facts on the ground before the East can agree on more than token action against him.

UN leaders had been set to warn but not sanction the U.S. over its military intervention after Washington rebuffed Eastern diplomatic efforts to persuade it to pull forces in Edinburg, with a population of about 2 million, back to their bases. It was not immediately clear what impact the Edinburger moves would have.

French President Dominique Strauss-Kahn told reporters on arrival at the summit: “There will be the strongest possible pressure on Texas to begin lowering the tension and in the pressure there is, of course, eventual recourse to sanctions.”

A Edinburger legislature official said voters will be asked two questions: should Edinburg be part of the Republic of Texas, and should Edinburg return to an earlier constitution (2017) that gave the region more autonomy?

“If there weren’t constant threats from the current illegal Mexican authorities, maybe we would have taken a different path,” deputy legislature speaker Donald McTeague told reporters outside the legislature building in Edinburg’s main city, also named Edinburg.

“I think there was an annexation of Edinburg by Mexico, if we are going to call things by their name. Because of this mood and feeling we took the decision to join Texas. I think we will feel much more comfortable there.”

To provide some perspective on the Ukraine crisis, the imaginary article above was created by modifying this Reuters story (which has already been altered by Reuters via several updates since I downloaded it).

The Crimea was a part of the Russian state from 1783 — when Catherine the Great wrested it from the Ottomans — until 1954, when Nikita Khrushchev assigned it to the Ukrainian S.S.R. for internal Soviet political reasons.

22 Replies to “Edinburg Votes to Join Texas, Accelerating Mexico Crisis”

  1. Ox AO
    Well, the people in the Crimea don’t expect to be starved to death. Also, slavery and genocide aren’t very popular in Russia nowadays. It’s not an evil commie empire anymore, and Putin is not Mohammed.

  2. Ahh but, Putin at least was a Commie. In 94 Russia and Ukraine signed a treaty, Ukraine gave up the Soviet nukes and limited the size of its army, Russia agreed to Ukraines borders. Putin has clearly violated that treaty.

    Putin wants to restore the Russian empire with him as ruler of that empire.

  3. If you compare what is happening in Ukraine with what is happening in Kosova now, you will see that there are similarities.

    What was good enough for the US and NATO IN 1999 isn’t ok for the people of crimea. Now Kosova is setting up their own armed forces in contradiction to the UN resolution. International law norms get thrown into the bin by the US and EU because it suits them. (Why? Mind boggles)


  4. Jay P.
    Yes, the treaty. And according to the treaty, Crimea is an Autonomous Republic.
    And it’s an Autonomous Republic for a reason !

    The superstatists in the USA and the EU refuse to acknowledge the rights of peoples in their member states to determine their own future, because it threatens their political diktat. Predictably, they will deny the people in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea their rights too. They support self-determination only for the terrorist muzzie states. Non-muzzies of course must obey the eurobureaucratic and obamunist tyranny. Just watched that scumbag Van Rompuy denouncing the planned referendum in the Crimea as “illegal”. Yeah, right. Obey the EUSSR politburo in Brussels, or else. Heard that before. I sincerely hope that Russians tell all these euroidiots to go fuck themselves.

  5. Unfortunately I can see Obama giving part of Texas to Mexico.

    Leo Putin is still a leftist, and he does want to restore the Russian Empire, I think he wants to restore the monarchy with himself as Czar, possibly as a hereditary position. Yes the left has control of the US and Europe, and is not the freedom loving places they were throughout most of my life, that doesn’t mean we have to start worshiping a man who spent most of his adult life as a secret policeman with the job of sending political dissidents to concentration camps. He hasn’t changed his stripes just as the Nazi’s haven’t changed theirs.

    People want to talk about communism being destroyed, it wasn’t. It was defeated in one nation and is alive and well in many places in the world, particularly on the University Campuses of the west.

    Pay attention to peoples actions, Putin’s actions show that he is intent on crushing all opposition to his rule, and to allowing only those who are loyal to him to amass large fortunes, remember all of the Oligarchs (or at least the vast majority) were KGB members who used their former positions to make or steal vast fortunes. Putin has crushed any of those who could have been a political threat to him. Is he using illegal means, yes. Is he using effective publicity/propaganda? Yes. Is he using the tactics of Ivan the Terrible? Yes. Is he capable of setting things in the Ukraine up as an excuse to invade? Yes.

    Did he do this? I don’t know just as you don’t really know the US is involved in causing the mess,there is no advantage for the west in the current mess so why would we start the trouble? Especially since we know that we aren’t going to fight a war with Russia.

  6. Leo here is something else for you to think about, Obama is cutting the US military, when the latest round of cuts is finished we will be weaker then we were prior to Pearl Harbor.

  7. Watch how fast pensions and all veterans’ benefits plummet. Who’ll want to enlist in this army other than horny homosexuals?

  8. That is his goal, to destroy our ability to project power, the dictators of the world are taking advantage of his actions which will cause a massive backlash in the US.

    I am trying the power of positive thinking.

  9. Don Laird sent me a bunch of terrific links on another thread. What some soldiers & vets are saying. They sound remarkably like you!

    Maybe you can find them here. Any resources to add?
    [Remember when I didn’t know what “communism” meant?]

  10. LOL Richard.
    So, the russian Czars were “leftists” then, according to your logic ?
    Too bad that Lenin & Co didn’t know.

    And yes, the US IS involved in orchestrating this “euromaidan” disaster.
    Putin is a patriotic pragmatist and he is very popular in Russia. He has no interest in creating chaos in the Russian backyard. His goal is stability and economic growth. Ukraine is a shithole, a huge one. Russian economy simply can not afford any imperialist adventures there. It’s not a secret, the Russians admit that just taking care of Crimea will be a hit for the Russian economy.
    Invading the rest of the Ukraine ? Not gonna happen.

    But the obamunists and the Eurocrats still can afford creating chaos and then “solving” it with more of their tyrannical redistributionist statism, more “altruistic” crap about “human rights” and “democracy”, more efforts to transform the West into “progressive” utopian multi-culti gayropean absurdistan. And as usual, all in the name of “the common good” and utilising “global partnership” with the “international community” of muzzies and assorted third-worlders. You know the drill. Without manufacturing chaos, American progressives and eurosocialists will become irrelevant. They depend on “emergencies” to stay in power.

  11. Think about it, they replaced one type of feudal system with another harsher one.

    Nobody said he wasn’t patriotic, what I am saying is that he wants to be czar of all the russias and is willing to do anything to achieve this goal. Obama on the other hand wants to destroy all American power and credibility. You are giving Putin a pass for his past an current actions while ignoring Obama’s actions. Actions speak louder then words. Look at what someone is doing v what they are saying often the two are opposite.

  12. Yucki the Jewishworldreview, PJmedia, clashdaily.com and girlsjustwannahaveguns. The last two are blogs from the Giles family, the daughter and sister of the blog misters is the woman who played the HO in the ACORN sting videos. I will get back with you with some more when I can find where I filed them.

  13. Nope. I’m not ignoring Obama’s actions. Indeed, whatever he does, it always harms America.
    But that was his goal in the first place – “fundamentally transforming the USA”. Obama is consistently doing just that.

  14. That he is, and one of the things he is doing is disarming us, even when you want to destroy a nation you don’t disarm them and start a war at the same time, not unless you are suicidal and I don’t think he is.

  15. Just to be clear. I am cheering for Ukrainian sovereignty because they have been abused over the years and deserve to be free. BUT it is none our business what takes place there. We must stay the f%# out of their business.

    Stay the hell out of other peoples business. What is so hard about that? My government (USA) has gone nuts with power. F%#Ken idiots.

    Sorry.. don’t understand how we have become so power hungry.

  16. I would also like to point out this Dar ul Kufr Taari territory meaning Islamic lands that are occupied by Harbi’s which are lands similar to Spain and India. It gives more incentive for Obama to help the “Ukrainian” (Tartar) people.

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