A second look at the Bulgarian mosque protest.

Thanks to RR and GoV’s hard work, we have another perspective on the protest that took place on Feb. 14 2014.

First, what it was about.

There is a mosque in Karlovo that had been under state control for a century had been handed back to Muslim control. The march took place in another city called Plovdiv, where the protesters took out their frustration on a mosque there.

The mosque that upset them has a close proximity to a Bulgarian hero named Vasil Levski who was a Bulgarian patriot who fought for the freedom of Bulgaria from the Ottoman yoke. He and another well known Bulgarian hero of resistance to Islamic dominance, Hristo Botev, were tortured to death by the Turks.

One has to wonder why the muslims wanted control of this mosque back. I can’t help but notice that recently, muslims have been claiming or building major mosques specifically at sites that are significant to Europe’s repulsion of Islamic invasion in the past, or are near centers of power now.

A few examples are:

The Dome of the Rock and Al Aqsa Mosque

These mosques were built in Jerusalem specifically within the ancient walls of the most sacred site to Jewish people on earth. There is no way that Jews could rebuild their ancient temple known to most of us as, ‘The Wailing Wall”, referring to the one remaining part of the first Jewish house of worship, without knocking down these two islamic beachheads.

For many years, muslims used the Western wall as a urinal.

Mosque at Tours.

Tours will have its Grand Mosque when the 5 million euros necessary for its financing have been found – in 3 years, at the earliest. A quarter of the sum has already been collected. The land was purchased by the Paris Mosque, subsidized by Algeria. On November 29, 2008, amidst great ceremony, the first stone was laid. In 732, a Muslim army was defeated outside the city of Tours by Charles Martel and the Franks. The Battle of Tours was one of the most decisive battles in history since it stopped the Islamization of Europe (at least for 13 centuries). Adolf Hitler bitterly regretted that the Muslims had not won in Tours.

911 Victory Mosque NYC

(Lots has been written about this one)

And there are many many more Im sure, not the least of which is the gargantumosque to be built to coincide with the Olympics in the UK. I am unaware of any other religion that feels a need to establish its grandiosity in that fashion.

So this may help to explain a touch of the reasons why the Bulgarians are so upset. Add to that, this excellent article at Gates of Vienna and it gets pretty clear.

Diana West also has this article on the Cordoba mosque which many would have you believe was a muslim accomplishment.

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  1. This is starting to look really bad.

    Cops Move to Crush Fiery Ukraine Protests As 25 Die in Clashes (nbcnews, Feb 19, 2014)
    “A fiery protest raged on in the Ukrainian capital early Wednesday as a geopolitical struggle between Russia and the West turned deadly once again. At least 25 deaths were confirmed after thousands of riot police armed with stun grenades and water cannons fought with anti-government protesters in Kiev. It was the bloodiest day since the former Soviet republic won its independence. In the wake of deadly street clashes on Tuesday, cops charged into a large opposition camp that has been the epicenter of nearly three months of demonstrations. The Health Ministry said 25 people had been killed in the fighting in the capital, including nine police officers. The Interior Ministry said 351 cops had been injured, including 59 by gunfire, during the clashes. At least 221 protesters were also injured. It was the deadliest violence in nearly three months of protests in the Ukrainian capital in a struggle over the nation’s identity and future…”

  2. Tony Pua Ticked Off For Chiding Fatwa On Valentine’s Day (bernama, Feb 18, 2014)
    “Selangor Perkasa has called for action to be taken against Selangor DAP chairman Tony Pua for allegedly chiding the National Fatwa Council’s edict forbidding Muslims from celebrating the Valentine’s Day, recently. Its president, Abu Bakar Yahya said Pua’s remarks posted on his blog and Facebook were provocative as they could enrage Muslims. “We cannot remain silent as Pua has insulted Muslims and his remarks might undermine harmony,” he told reporters after lodging a police report against Pua over the remarks at the Shah Alam police headquarters here today. Abu Bakar said Pua not only rebuked the council for declaring the Valentine’s Day as haram (forbidden) but also ridiculed the Islamic Development Department. “We hope Pua will not interfere in Islamic matters as we should respect each other religion,” he added.”

  3. Egypt taking ‘ultimatum against tourists’ seriously (BBC, Feb 18, 2014)
    “Egyptian Prime Minister Hazem Beblawi has said Islamist militants in the Sinai peninsula are becoming a threat to foreign tourists, state TV reports. Officials say they are taking seriously a reported ultimatum by Islamist militant group Ansar Beit al-Maqdis for tourists to leave the country. The threat was reportedly made on a private Twitter account affiliated with the group, according to Reuters. The Egyptian government has struggled against rising militancy in the Sinai. The Twitter message gave all tourists until Thursday to leave Egypt or face attacks…”

  4. ‘Twin suicide attack’ in Beirut kills two (BBC, Feb 19, 2014)
    “At least two people have been killed in a twin bomb attack in the south of the Lebanese capital Beirut, officials say. Security sources said it appeared that two suicide bombers using a car and a motorcycle had blown themselves up near an Iranian cultural centre. The blasts caused heavy damage to shops and buildings and set fire to vehicles. It is the latest in a series of attacks in Beirut’s southern suburbs, where the militant Shia Islamist movement Hezbollah has a strong presence.”

  5. Watching this video again, interesting to note @ 4:33 the image of the sign on the mosque which briefly caught fire reads in english…yet the posters carried by the crowd are writen in cyrillic

  6. EEyore wrote that Islam requires Jizya of one sort or another, as Islam does not generate wealth of its own.

    I think this is unfair. Poor Muslims are constrained by their religion. They are required to follow the example of Mohammed, who generated his wealth by raids or extortion – like the Mafia. What else can thy do?

  7. The same could be said about Christianity as it took over pagan places of worship. What is different than in Islam? You need to look at the whole historical pattern, the intensity of such projects, compared with destruction or special rules for non Muslims. Then you can be fair about talking about the political nature.

    One place where this trend hasn’t taking place (yet) is Kosovo, where the Albanians bypassed that stage and went for the wholesale destruction of orthodox places of worships, ( even attempting to do this in Serbia itself at times!).

    I wrote about this a while ago: http://theutteredword.blogspot.fr/2013/05/bbc-whitewashing-all-islamic-nastiness.htm
    This was with regards to ancient Indian universities.

  8. LenaN you need to learn the difference between Christianity and Islam, Islam uses force to convert people, Christianity uses peaceful persuasion. Comparing the two religions is comparing apples to oranges, besides the Christian actions was in the distant past the Moslem actions are happening today.

  9. LenaN

    Just have a look at the teachings of Jesus and compare to them to the teachings of the Mohammed/koran.

    In addition, look at the acts of Jesus and compare to them to that of Mohammed.


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