News links for Feb. 19 2014 – 1

1. New Fjordman essay: The Folly of Open Borders

We Europeans do not have an obligation to destroy ourselves. Africans, Muslims and others are adults and should be able to fix their own problems. Moreover, Europe and the wider Western world simply don’t have the strength to fix all of the problems of Africa, the Islamic countries and the rest of the developing world, even if we wanted to.

2. The truth about Labour’s apologists for paedophilia: Police probe child sex campaign group linked to three top party officials in wake of Savile scandal

The full extent of the shocking links between three senior Labour figures and a vile group that tried to legalise sex with children can be exposed today.

The trio held key roles in a human rights organisation that supported the notorious Paedophile Information Exchange.

3. Egypt taking ‘ultimatum against tourists’ seriously
The wreckage of a tourist bus at the site of an explosion in the Egyptian town of Taba Ansar Beit al-Maqdis has claimed responsibility for an attack on a tourist bus on Sunday.
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Egyptian Prime Minister Hazem Beblawi has said Islamist militants in the Sinai peninsula are becoming a threat to foreign tourists, state TV reports.

Officials say they are taking seriously a reported ultimatum by Islamist militant group Ansar Beit al-Maqdis for tourists to leave the country.

4. Tony Pua Ticked Off For Chiding Fatwa On Valentine’s Day

(You may have to read this one a couple of times due to the massive cognitive dissonance you may experience the first time through. In essence, in Malaysia, if you pass a religious decree telling all muslims not to celebrate Valentines day, that somehow is good for community harmony and peace. But if you criticize that decree on a Facebook post, that should be punished as a threat to community harmony. As usual, islamic logic is from the other side of the looking glass)

5. David Wood: Muhammad and Black Magic: A Tale of Bewitchment in Sahih al-Bukhari

6. Interesting article from the Ottawa Citizen on the Bulgarian protests. Comments are interesting as well. Arun offers this bit of historical material on Islamic usurpation of existing holy sites to augment yesterday’s post.

More to come. Sorry to say.


Thank you Fjordman, Wrath of Khan, Tundra T, Don L, Arun, Lena N

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14 Replies to “News links for Feb. 19 2014 – 1”

  1. Lebanon – Al Qaeda-linked group claims Beirut bombings

    The al Qaeda-linked Abdullah Azzam Brigades claimed a twin bomb attack in Beirut on Wednesday, saying such attacks would continue until Hezbollah forces withdrew from the fighting in Syria and its own fighters were released from Lebanese jails.

    The radical Lebanese group, which claimed the attack on its Twitter account, also said it was responsible for a November 19 attack on the Iranian embassy that killed 23 people, using the same tactic of twin suicide bombs. In both cases, most of the victims were civilians.

  2. #1 The left is using the open borders to try and reverse the Western Civ win in the Cold War, they want all western nations to commit national suicide so they can take over.

    #6 For a long time, longer then I have been getting on this blog I have predicted that the ordinary people would arise and use vigilante action to preserve their nations an culture, this looks to be another example that I was right.

    The comment about the people who are defending their nation and culture is typical of the thought process (or lack thereof) by the people indoctrinated in the modern educational system.

  3. Someone tells me that the recent Bosnian violence isn’t quite Bosnian. I saw that RT mentioned the name udar, as one of the movement in the Ukraine. This is exactly the same name as the instigators of the Bosnian lot. The symbol used yet again is the clenched fist, exactly the same as in Egypt and serbian uprisings.
    Who is playing the fiddle while Kiev burns?

  4. RE: # 1 I agree on the USA we have the same problem the bleeding hearts want to ‘save’ everyone. Well the whole truth is that we cannot feed, save, and clothe the world. Charity begins at home.Every nation needs a proper screening process for immigration. Prospective migrants must be literate, willing to work, assimilate ,and not be a lifelong burden on the state.

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