Britain First holds protest at

When your own government will not act on behalf of its own people, when those who live off the work of patriots in order to subvert the state for islam get more protection and rights from the law than loyal British citizens..

Then I guess you are guaranteed to get this. Just for a start.

Story at Britain First:

Radical Islamists protest outside French Consulate in London

Clashes and arrests during radical Islamist protest in London

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3 Replies to “Britain First holds protest at”

  1. Choudary’s sneering down at this scene from far, far above it.
    The man’s got too much influence in too many important places to remain at large.

    [Note self-restraint: Last 2 words above meant to read “alive” but we can’t think like that, can we?]

  2. The “Charge” across the street by Britain First was idiotic and exactly the kind of reaction the Islamists and others who want to show that all people who oppose Islam are violent.

    Stick to peaceful protest! Do not allow them to provoke you into a scene that they will use against you.

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