News links for Feb. 16 2014 – 1

1. Four killed as bomb hits Egypt bus carrying S. Korean tourists

Cairo — A bomb tore through a bus carrying South Korean tourists near an Egyptian border crossing with Israel on Sunday, killing at least four people and wounding 13, officials said.

It was first attack on tourists since the ouster of Islamist president Mohamed Morsi in July sparked unrest and a spate of attacks across the country.

The bomb went off in the front section of bus carrying the tourists at Taba border crossing with Israel in south Sinai, the interior ministry said, adding that one of those killed was the Egyptian driver.

Health ministry spokesman Ahmed Kamel told AFP four people were killed in the explosion and 13 were injured.

2. Feb 13 2014: Invading Muslims kill female Buddhist monk and child in Thailand: ‘We will keep killing you as long as you are still on our land’

(The muslims are clearly using the islamic definition of ‘muslim land’. Quite clearly codified as, ‘once a muslim has controlled the land, it is perpetually islamic land and any act of aggression is justified in ensuring its continuity as land under the control of muslims and sharia)

3. UK: Record number of foreign criminals cannot be deported 

4. Hundreds of Syria jihadis ‘back in UK’

About 250 British-based extremists who went to fight in the civil war in Syria are thought to have returned to this country.

Abdul Waheed Majeed

Ministers have been told that over the past two years more than 400 Britons went to Syria to train and fight as paramilitaries, and just over half are believed to have now come back.

(I remember when we used to fight the enemy and pay our soldiers. Now that has been reversed)

5. Kidnappers target Christian children in Egypt

(I begin to understand certain old testament stories better these days)

    Malak’s attack is the most recent in a long list of Christian kidnappings in Minya province in Upper Egypt, 125 miles south of Cairo. At least eight similar cases were reported in the last two weeks alone.

Thank you ML, Fjordman and many others. I suspect the day is going to be one where muslims commit egregious acts of terror and horror while simultaneously claiming to be the real victims, even if its for a long-overdue but never delivered ‘backlash’. So more can be expected. Check this video where at the funeral of the girl who died in a freak escalator wardrobe malfunction, the community all takes the opportunity to act as if she was murdered by the EDL dressed as the KKK screaming, “Islam is the religion of peace!”


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  1. #1 that will teach the South Koreans. Their foreign policy of invading Islamic countries and killing muslims is the clearly the cause of this. Didn’t they realise that…oh…wait…

  2. Joeb:

    They really should book their holy land tours to Israel. Basically anyone who goes to Egypt as a tourist and not as part of a million man invasion force needs to look his travel agent in the eye and practice expletives.

  3. Not that you would need this as confirmation, but a friend of mine who works for a huge, global travel agency says “Egypt’s tourist industry is wrecked, finished, over. Remarkably, we still get people contacting us wanting to organise tours, but we strongly advise against it. It’s not even safe for Egyptians let alone foreigners.”

    I stood at the supermarket checkout in London when Egypt was in meltdown, and listened to a bloke talking to the girl about how he was going on holiday to Egypt next week. Idiot.

  4. Joed I don’t think he takes enough variables into consideration in what little of the analysis I read. Rome was a mighty civilization that spanned the known world and can be argued to have been taken down by muslims and if not muslims, then certainly brigands. Once you create a complex infrastructure that works well for everyone but requires a monolithic culture of self sacrifice in many ways and a high degree of specialization, you have weak points that can be exploited by those from outside that just want to take the fruits of that civilization by force. The fruits of course are determined by the most base needs.

    So the daughters and wives.

    The material goods.

    Any and all prestige held by those who are accomplished in a civilization must be transferred where it can and destroyed where it cannot.

    Yes its true that this strategy is not a long term one in some ways, as, to quote W. Churchill:, their “slovenly methods of agriculture” will lead to the destruction of the environment and desertification of all lands which become islamic. But if they manage to also destroy every venue of critical thought, which they are effective at, then this period of medieval like stagnation can last, well so far 1400 years in the KSA, right?

    The way I look at it is, Rome was not built in a day. But it was burned in one.

  5. LenaN,

    Goldman’s contention is that islam is like a cornered, dying animal. And cornered dying animals are extremely dangerous.

    I’m not sure how much of this I can really buy into, but I appreciate the point…

  6. You are correct about the crowd of mourners in Montreal (for the unfortunate women who’s hijab/burqa was caught in the Metro escalator and died). But the women in the YT seem programmed to act aggrieved in front of any camera. It reminds me of Hamas supporters (of both sexes) taunts.

  7. Revealing video about the death by escalator. Anyone who feels persuaded that Islam is a non-aggressive religion of peace by a surly Muslim woman screaming aggressively that Islam is a religion of peace really does need to have his head checked. We think it strengthens our spiritual health to learn that we’re not victims; the perpetual victimhood of Muslims is what their religion teaches. The ladies are fighting for the survival of Islam in the House of War, surrounded on all sides by a hostile foe. The very laws of infidel physics oppress the believers.

  8. Egypt with its astonishing past will remain irresistible to enthusiasts of archaeology and history, I don’t doubt, though if this keeps up the whole country will become Forster’s Alexandria, a place we have to imagine because it is no longer there.

    In that vein, I wonder if by chance any of the British readers here know how to go about getting a copy of Peter Adam’s “Spirit of Place: Lawrence Durrell’s Egypt,” broadcast by the BBC in 1978? The BFI says there is such a thing, but that’s all –

  9. 1/ Details emerge about South Korean tour bus explosion:

    32 South Korean Christian pilgrims started their tour from Cairo, passed the St.Catherine Greek Orthodox monastery in central Sinai, proceeded down the coastal road toward Eilat.

    The bomb exploded just before the border crossing at Taba into Israel. Here’s where it gets good:

    “a long line of Magen David Adom [Israeli Red Cross] ambulances waiting on Israel’s side of the border. Now we know that there were some two dozen of them, but their services were rebuffed.”

    Egypt refused help from Israeli medical teams just standing there!

  10. The 100 years death struggle is probably accurate as far as how long the fighting will continue, I have my doubts that Islam will be destroyed, it will end up losing the war but I don’t know about being destroyed.

  11. Just calling them as I see them, with luck Islam will be set back for several hundred years and more nations rescued from their dominance.

  12. True, we have to know what’s what. Do whatever we can. Pray.

    ……Then, lock up the defeatists and play upbeat music for them…..
    There are a whole bunch of songs popular during the Great Depression, I know the tune & a couple of verses:
    ~~Ac–centu–ate the positive~~
    Something like that, anyway.

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