Denmark and Quebec making the same mistake and probably for the same reasons.

I definitely appreciate any Western jurisdiction attempting any kind of push-back against the destruction of indigenous culture as codified by laws etc. from Islamic incursion. I also recognize that there is not the political will to deal with reality. Reality of course meaning that no culture has been a threat generally speaking, to Western nations and typically more an augmentation in many ways, except for Islam.

Consequently, these jurisdictions might think instead of enforcing the laws they already have, which would effectively shut Islam down. After all, you cannot preach from koran if it is illegal based on hate crimes, sedition laws, conspiracy, encouraging rape and theft and so on, all of which are core doctrines of islamic teachings.

But instead, Western jurisdictions have been using wink wink rules as work arounds, ready to throw Jews and Sikhs etc. under the bus in order to deal with the problems Islam creates without appearing to be ‘racist’ or in some way, anti-multicultural.

Quebec of course is working on its Charter of Values. As I have stated before, the reason it not only won’t work but will actually accelerate the influence of Islam in Quebec, is because other religious people who are successful and beneficial to Quebec overall such as doctors and teachers and other professionals, will regretfully pack up and move to the US and English Canada. It won’t be that hard for them and life will improve a lot here in Ontario for their presence.

The Muslims of course, will not only, not move, but the moment that the new law begins to be enforced, a muslim woman in a burka will txt a few friends who will txt a few friends and next thing you know, Quebec will look like France, fires will be set, people will be killed, police stations will be set alight and the gutless politicians will agree that the charter will only be applied to safe groups like Jews, Hindus, Sikhs, Hare Krishnas and any other visible  religious group and muslims will be a long way towards a major triumph as the dominant political group in Quebec having seen many of their self made enemies leave the province due to this legislation, which I guarantee you muslims will be immune from.

Denmark now appears to be trying something similar with a new ban on ritual slaughter.

Jews overall are statistically law abiding. They will move or get meat sent from outside Denmark. The Muslims however, will likely not miss a single halal burger or lamb kabob.

At the end of the day, you need to admit to what the problem is, then deal with the problem. You cannot solve the problem of communist infiltration and subversion by for instance, making Russian illegal in public and you cannot stop Nazism by banning black uniforms. You stop these things by enforcing laws you already have which these ideologies most definitely break constantly and with boldfaced impunity.

It is also worth mentioning that Jewish ritual slaughter is not in any way similar in method or intent to islamic slaughter. I expect there will be comments soon detailing exactly why this is so.



Animal rights come before religion, states agriculture and food minister; Kantor: Move is an attack on Jewish religious practice.

Muslims stand next to sheep  for ritual slaughter

Muslims stand next to sheep for ritual slaughter Photo: Reuters

Jewish and Muslim ritual slaughter will be illegal in Denmark starting on Monday, by order of Agriculture and Food Minister Dan Jørgensen.

Ritual slaughter, known in Hebrew as shechita, is already banned in Poland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland.

The Netherlands attempted to ban shechita, but a deal was brokered, legalizing the practice in 2012.

On Monday, all slaughter that is not preceded by stunning will be forbidden in Denmark, rendering it impossible for ritual slaughter to be carried out according to Shar’ia or Halacha, Danish station TV2 reported on Wednesday.

“Animal rights come before religion,” the minister was quoted as saying.

Slaughterhouses will no longer be able to apply for an exemption from pre-stunning.

While Denmark’s 6,000 Jews currently do not practice shechita, instead importing kosher meat from abroad, the ruling does affect the country’s Muslim minority.

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  1. Kenyan gov to vet “religious institutions”, even in Kenya PC bullshit occurs
    Government to vet religious institutions in a bid to tame radicalism

  2. When I paid a visit to my tea dealer yesterday, he told me about a study that has been freshly published, “proving” that violence and criminality has decreased tenfold over the past 3 to 4 decades. Since that guy is old enough to have lived through the 3 to 4 decades concerned, as am I, I was so completely flabbergasted at his permeability and gullibility to this kind of gross manipulative state propaganda, that my brain went into immediate overdrive and lockdown and I couldn’t think of, nor did I see point of, presenting him with overwhelming evidence of the contrary. We are done for. There’s perhaps 10% of the population who is sufficiently aware of the gravity of the clear and present danger we are in. And that just ain’t enough to turn things around.

  3. I don’t see how, even without Islam, Canada on its present trajectory isn’t done for, with its fatal combination of multiculturalism and mass immigration of peoples from very different societies. It ends with a bang with Islam, more of a whimper with multiculti, but it still ends.

    Maybe once the cars start burning in large enough numbers, all the non-Muslim holders of Canadian passports will figure out there is strength in unity, actually, not diversity, and in the course of driving out the Muslim invaders reinvigorate a wholehearted Canadian identity.

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