News links for Feb. 14 2014 – 1

1. Two wives, but only one law: Iraqi bigamist Younus Taher Jaaz Al Saadi broke all the rules 

AN Iraqi bigamist duped a Sydney woman into marriage to get an Australian visa — then flew to Iraq a month later to marry a second wife, a tribunal has found.

Samira Asswad, a western Sydney grandmother, married Younus Taher Jaaz Al Saadi, 38 in December 2008, after meeting him through neighbours.

2. Anders Berring Breivik, the Norwegian psycho who mass murdered over 70 mostly children at a socialist camp claiming it was cause of islam and socialism and then later said he was a Nazi, now is threatening to go on a hunger strike if he doesn’t get a new playstation. (Article in a Scandinavian language)

3. Abbas rejects peace proposals before they are even submitted and shuts down peace process.

(I guess Kerry will have to find some other legacy now. Maybe he can help North Korea build better missiles)

4. Are Syria charities a front for Jihadists? Fears convoys in the country are being used to help militants after thousands in cash is seized

Charity aid convoys are at the centre of a counter terrorism investigation over fears they are supporting Al-Qaeda militants in Syria.

Tens of thousands of pounds in cash has already been seized from relief vehicles travelling from Britain to the war-torn state.

Security services fear the huge relief effort is being hijacked by radical Islamists determined to support networks of violent jihadists

5. Shameless: Friends of Somali who stabbed a British soldier to death refuse to answer questions at his inquest – and blame him for starting it

David’s killer Mohamed Abdulkadir Osman, 20, originally from Somalia, but living in London, was jailed for eight years in Cyprus for manslaughter after claiming he was ‘provoked’ and ‘lost self-control’.

Two of Osman’s friends Umar Anwar and Tukki Abbas Shah, both 18 were initially arrested in connection with the killing but were later freed – even though 11 flick knives and two knuckle dusters were found in the hotel room they were all were sharing.

6. Cannibal restaurant ‘with roasted human heads on the menu’ shut down by police 

When tribal Africa meets European technology and culinary traditions, you get gourmet cannibalism with a nice sauce Béarnaise. If this ain’t multiculturalism, I don’t know what is.

7. Russia, Egypt nearing $3bn arms deal: Report

Russia and Egypt are nearing a $3-billion arms purchase agreement that will be financed by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, a Moscow newspaper reported on Friday.The two sides have already either “initialled or signed” contracts for Egypt’s purchase of Mig-29 fighters, air and coastal defence systems, Mi-35 attack helicopters and smaller arms, the Vedomosti daily quoted two Russian government sources as saying.

8. Kenyan news piece whitewashing the facts of Islamic violence in that country.

9. Question: Is Hashim a muslim name? 

(Prepare yourselves for this one)

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  1. #3
    There is no freaking Middle-Eastern “peace process”! Damn them for treating us like such fools as they all speak their nonsense about a thing that is nothing more than a high-school play put on by evil people and running 365-days-a-year. Was it the Brothers Grimm who wrote the story about “The Emperor’s New Clothes”? Well if it was, the good brothers would be jumping up and down and saying, “There! That’s exactly what we were trying to say in our story!”. Do the pretty people on the TV news actually know what BS they are spreading, or are all the Ted Baxters just so stupid that they actually don’t know? That’s just sad, isn’t it…?

  2. Central african Republic – 13 bodies found in ex-rebel [ Muslim ] camp in C. Africa capital

    MISCA officers cover the trap door of a petrol tank where several dead bodies lay in a former military camp used by ex-seleka rebels, in Bangui, Central African Republic, on February 13, 2014 (AFP Photo/Fred Dufour)

    Bangui (Central African Republic) (AFP) – Thirteen decomposing corpses have been discovered in a camp housing ex-rebels in the strife-torn Central African Republic, a prosecutor told AFP on Friday.

    The corpses, some mere skeletons, were found in a disused fuel tank at a camp of former fighters of the mostly Muslim Seleka rebel group whose coup a year ago sparked the country’s descent into chaos.

    The bodies “were found in different places in the tank, which suggests that the people were thrown in there alive and struggled to get out,” Ghislain Grezenguet, lead prosecutor in the capital Bangui, told AFP.

    They were found by international peacekeepers whose suspicions were aroused by the nauseating stench coming from the site, he said.

    Some of the victims, whose identities have not yet been established, are thought to have died between a week and 10 days ago.

    The camp commander, Aboubakar Mahamat, told AFP that he had “said everything to the investigators.”

    Killings and pillaging by ex-Seleka rebels following the coup led to the formation of mainly Christian militias, whose attacks in recent weeks have led many minority Muslims to flee the country.

  3. SYRIA – FEB 14 2014 Car bomb outside mosque in Syria kills dozens

    BEIRUT (AP) — A car bomb blew up outside a mosque in a rebel-held village in southern Syria as worshippers were leaving after Friday prayers, killing dozens of people and filling clinics and hospitals with the wounded, anti-government activists said.

    The explosion in Yadouda charred vehicles parked nearby and damaged the mosque, which has a white dome, according to video images posted by activists who are fighting to oust President Bashar Assad.

    Yadouda is in the southern province of Daraa, the birthplace of the uprising against Assad that began with peaceful protests in March 2011 and morphed into a civil war that has killed more than 130,000 people.

    The motive for Friday’s blast could not immediately be determined and activists provided varying death tolls ranging from 29 to 43. State-run TV confirmed the bombing but said only 3 people were killed.

    Car bombs have frequently been used by Islamic extremists both against the government and against moderate rivals in the Sunni-led opposition movement. Government forces also have been known to use explosive-packed vehicles and the two sides frequently trade blame in attacks targeting mosques.

    An activist in the nearby region of Quneitra, Jamal al-Golani, said the car bomb killed at least 29 people of which 18 were identified. He gave The Associated Press a list of the names of the identified men who were killed.

    The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which uses a wide network of local activists to track violence in the country, said 32 people were killed, including a child and 10 rebels.

    Another activist in Daraa, Ahmad al-Masalmeh, gave a death toll of 43. He said the car bomb blew up next to a tanker truck filled with diesel causing a large fire and burning “some bodies beyond recognition.” The mosque is known as Ammar bin Yasser, although some people refer to it as al-Baraa bin Thabet, al-Masalmeh said.

    Clinics in the village and nearby areas were full of wounded people and there were calls over loudspeakers for residents to donate blood. Al-Masalmeh added that some of the wounded were taken across the border to Jordan for treatment.

    “Hospitals are overwhelmed with the wounded,” the man said via Skype.

    Videos posted by activists online showed several charred vehicles outside the damaged mosque with a white dome. The video appeared genuine and corresponded to other AP reporting of the events.

    Plumes of smoke rose from the nearby hills on footage broadcast by the Lebanon-based television station al-Mayadeen. The station’s correspondent said Syrian forces had seized the Marsad hill overlooking the town in a new blow to rebels.

    A Syrian officer in the area told the station that government forces also seized control of smuggling routes used to supply rebels from neighboring Lebanese towns dominated by fellow Sunni Muslims.

    Backed by Lebanon’s Hezbollah fighters, the Syrian army has been on a crushing offensive in the region since early December, trying to sever a main thoroughfare for rebels from Lebanon.

    At least 500 families fled the area, crossing into the neighboring Lebanese town of Arsal, said U.N. official Dana Sleiman.

    In the northern city of Aleppo, rebels blew up part of the once-luxurious Carlton Hotel, where soldiers were stationed, by tunneling underneath the sprawling building and planting explosives, the Observatory’s Rami Abdurrahman said. Abdurrahman said five soldiers were killed, while the government news agency SANA said soldiers repelled an attack at the hotel but gave no other details.

    video 1 :

  4. Re: Russia, Egypt nearing $3bn arms deal:

    The US is busy losing all influence in the world.

    Egypt, the most important country in the ME, was detached by Kissinger from the USSR, and became a useful ME country.

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