A French (possibly expat Algerian) observer takes the Guardian to task for its views.

Oz-Rita, who did the translation of this, looked up this fine man and discovered the following:

“Aldo Sterone, the man in the video, grew up in Algeria, “has known Islam”, and is warning France of the Islamisation.  He also seems to have a blog and seems to be an anti-Jihadist.

He posts sometimes from Quebec – dont know what he does there. But he seems one of the good guys.”

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  1. He sure sounds like a goodie. I’d like him to know his video brought him at least one new, enthusiastic admirer. He should know that he’s standing up for my values, and that’s pretty terrific.

    He wants a non-French speaking listening-post, he’s got it. I don’t do social media, but if I did he would be a “like” or a “friend”. Baton twirling cheerleader with pompoms? Yeah!

  2. Hello there…..its me again……Don Laird….

    Excellent post……….this man accepts no excuses and poses unswerving questions designed to provoke thought on matters of conscience and moral obligation that will make viewers uncomfortable……as we should……as he should.


    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  3. What Aldo Sterone seems to be referring to in his passionate “pedophiles in schools” comments in the second half of the tape is (and I am only speculating here, not knowing the man) that – at present in France – the socialist government is introducing “gender studies” to the littlies (5 – 6 y.o.) – and a book has been accepted into the syllabus of some schools with the title “Tous à Poil” (Everyone naked) – with matching “pictures”, showing in “fine” detail the undressing (female) teacher, including her pubic hairs, a police man without the lower part of his uniform, his penis clearly showing, etc. etc. in the name of what “the Left” calls “equality” and “in the interest of demystification of persons in authority” as one of those ….social engineers….defended this crap, dontchaknow.

    This was among the reasons for the recent march “Manif pour tous” in Paris (not the one on the “jour du colere” who had that nasty Jew-bashing part in it) where families went on the street, protesting.

    You can see some of the “illustrations” in this book, aimed at children of 5 – 6 here in this article by Riposte Laique:


  4. @ don c:

    Yes, vomit bucket needed – but what’s even more sickening – the one who is behind that, a deadly ambitious and breathtakingly hypocritical “Minister for the protection of Women and equality” or something like it, who wears a VEIL when she visits her home country (she has dual nationality) the Moroc, even though this is not obligatory there, has just gone up in the polls soo much, that her ambition and my fear will be satisfied/realised: she will be President of France yet. A crocodile has not a chance when it comes to produce false smiles or tears against this danger for the French Republique, mark her name, you will hear about it:

    Najat vallaud-belkacem

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