News items for Feb 13 2014 – 1

1. Canada: Hassan Jarrar arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting 14 year-old girl

2. the Pentagon has relaxed uniform rules to allow Islamic beards, turbans and hijabs. It’s a major win for political correctness and a big loss for military unit cohesion,” said a recent report.

3. Mark Steyn being sued for challenging someone’s global warming BS

4. In Canada you can buy a crack pipe from a vending machine but its illegal to buy a 60 W bulb

5. Another link to the story about UNESCO stopping the “near-criminal” reconstruction of the great stone Buddhas in Afghanistan

6. Media doing hatchet job on Christians defending themselves from islamic genocide in CAR

(At least they did mention that the attacks where in response to initial muslim ones, and give some of them a chance to explain themselves)


Thank you M, Fjordman and many others (Sorry i lost track of some of you on this post) more to come shortly.

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  1. o/t Here’s a warm and fuzzy little look at converts to Islam in Australia – it was on a popular/lightweight news show yesterday and asked no hard questions of the enthusiasts concerned, such as “What does an intelligent lass like you think when she reads in the holy book of the religion of peace that the deity has made women inherently inferior to men?”
    I suspect more dunderheads will have been won over by the show.

  2. More jihad implies what? Of course… More bloodshed.

    Syria conflict: ‘Surge’ in fighting death toll (BBC, Feb 13, 2014)
    “Activists in Syria have reported a surge in fighting across the country, amid attempts to broker a peace deal in Geneva. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said more than 200 people had been killed every day for the past three weeks. Both government forces and rebels were trying to gain territory, it said. This was possibly to strengthen their negotiating position at the peace talks, it added. The talks between the Syrian government and opposition groups are continuing in Switzerland, but there is no sign of a breakthrough…”

  3. Bloody hell! I mean – bloody Pakistan!

    Karachi car bomb kills 13 policemen; TTP claims attack (dawn, Feb 14, 2014)
    “The Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) claimed responsibility Thursday for an explosion targeting a police bus near Razzaqabad police training college in Karachi’s Shah Latif Town in which 13 policemen were killed and 47 others, including civilians, were wounded, DawnNews reported. The attack came early in the morning. “Apparently an explosive-laden car hit the police bus transporting officials for security duty,” Muhammad Iqbal, a senior police official, told AFP. Rescue teams reached the site of attack whereas the victims were shifted to Jinnah Hospital and a private hospital nearby in the locality. Doctor Seemin Jamali at Karachi’s Jinnah hospital confirmed that there were at least 11 dead. At least 47 wounded officers were hospitalised, 10 of whom were in critical condition, she said…”

  4. Boko turds calling…

    More bloodshed in Nigeria: ‘I do not know what to call those barbarians’ (CNN, Feb 13, 2014)
    “In yet another gruesome attack in Nigeria, suspected Boko Haram militants torched houses in a Nigerian village and killed at least 23 people, a local governor said Wednesday. Gov. Kashim Shettima, the leader of Nigeria’s Borno state, told reporters that he personally saw more than 23 bodies buried in the village of Konduga after an attack Tuesday night. “I do not know what to call those barbarians that did this,” Shettima said. “We cannot call them Muslims, because Islam does not do this.” Boko Haram is an Islamist militant group that has waged a campaign of violence in northeastern Nigeria, trying to impose their strict version of Sharia, or Islamic law…”

  5. #1 – with a mother like that……

    #6 – Double hatchet job by Media AND Amnesty International who have lately become as “objective” as the UN.

    As to the long suffering Christians’ backlash: perhaps they have finally understood that “tending the other cheek” doesn’t work and are starting to follow the maxim: God helps them that help themselves. As to their methods? Well: “Too long a sacrifice can make a stone of the heart…”

  6. Wrath, I don’t tell you often enough: I luv ya —

    1/ a- Monster. Full Stop.
    __b- When I was 14 I didn’t go out w/o the dogs; they wouldn’t let me off the property. Where would I go? Meet a man at a hotel?

    2/ To quote somebody-or-other, “What could possibly go wrong?”

  7. 5/ ‘UNESCO visited the site in December and found pillars built into the rock which looked suspiciously like feet’

    ‘work had been stopped by UNESCO’s head in Kabul who had recommended that it be bulldozed’

    It hardly gets more Orwellian, or more Saudi. The Ministry of Cultural Heritage, in charge of destroying antiquities. Makes you wonder about their slogan -‘UNESCO: Building Peace in the Minds of Men and Women.’ It’s looking suspiciously like the peace of Islam.

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