More on the Muslims-only course at a publicly funded Ontario-Canada university.

It cannot be stressed enough how important it is that Canadians become aware of this issue, the facts around it and the real implications of it. If you know any Canadians, please discuss this with them. This must become common knowledge.

I have posted a number of articles, radio shows and other material on this, and Michael Coren will be interviewing the man who was expelled tonight on his show.

Today, Barbara Kay wrote about it again at The National Post here: (Excerpt below)


Here is the course syllabus.

There will be more on this. If one adds this story to a number of recent issues of Islam on campus and its demands on Canadian society, and frankly, even if one doesn’t, we see more than a threat to our organizing principles. We see the end of them. For all those young Canadian rebels who hate Harper, or our democracy etc. etc. be careful what you ask for. Like the American scientist who defected to the USSR during the cold war, this is a free country. “You may do what you want. But I doubt h”e, President Reagan is reputed to have said, “will enjoy that right anymore.”

I believe our rebellious anti-Western, Pro Islamic youth may find they have limited their own choices, as well as ours in much the same way.

Please check back tonight when I hope to have the newest Coren video on this most important issue.

Meanwhile, have a look at the Muslim Student’s Assn. pledge as read on a Canadian university campus:

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  1. No, no don’t worry, all will be well©, because the The UK Girl Guiding Promise was altered earlier last year so that members now swear ‘to be true to myself and develop my beliefs’ rather than the original ‘to love my God’ so if brave utopian Government Socialists can bully little girls I’m sure they can take on Islam. Peace be with you©

  2. Sound like the MB slogan:
    “Allah is our objective; the Prophet is our Leader; the Quran is our law; Jihad is our way; dying in the path of Allah is our highest hope”

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