News links for Feb. 11 2014 – 2

1. “The Syrian “rebels” supported and armed by the US and Britain for the past two years execute a woman by slow strangulation because her husband is a soldier in the Syrian army.” Interesting symbol on her chest as well. I wonder what it is.

2. Military Chief Ordered Purge Of Bin Laden Body Pictures: 

In a message sent 11 days after the al Qaeda founder’s death, Adm. William McRaven told unidentified staff that all photographs, particularly those of Bin Laden’s remains should have been turned over to the CIA.

“If you still have them, destroy them immediately,” he wrote on May 13, 2011.

Bin Laden was killed by a special operations team in Pakistan on May 2.

The email was obtained under a freedom of information request by the conservative legal group Judicial Watch and released Monday.

3. French firm bans Muslim headscarves at work

A privately-owned French company claims to have become the first in the country to ban the wearing of Muslim headscarves and other prominent religious symbols at work. But critics say the move, which had the backing of employees, is against the law.

(Cultural self preservation remains illegal only in Western nations)

4. Police blame deaths on ‘violent’ migrants

The Civil Guard in Spain’s North African enclave in Ceuta have struck back at critics by releasing a video they say shows sub-Saharan would-be immigrants acting aggressively while attempting to cross the border during last Thursday’s tragic events which led to the death of 14 people, but opponents claim that it leaves many questions about police conduct unanswered.

  Later scenes show individuals from the thwarted group throwing stones towards Civil Guard officers.

The video has been released in response to accusations of police misconduct made by a group of NGOs who have filed an official complaint with Spain’s General Prosecutor’s Office.

5. Congratulations French muslims and antisemites. France will soon be Judenrein. I wonder if France will be better off in general with no Jews and tons of muslims or a few Jews and too few muslims to affect policy. We will know quite soon I suspect.


Thank you M, Wrath of Khan, Fjordman, Yucki and all who sent in material. There will be more. Oz-Rita is working on a translation from German news about converts to Islam and their full bore dedication to jihad which is worth the wait and tonight there will be more about Huron college’s transformation into a madrassa. Not enough as it deserves, but there will be more.

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  1. #1

    That’s the saddest, most unjust thing I have ever seen. They have no right to take peoples’ lives like that. If that’s what the Holy Quran says to do, then the Holy Quran is wrong. If that is what Allah wants, then Allah is a monster who no good person would worship…

  2. #1 What was the woman’s supposed crime?

    These executioners always hide their faces. If they are so sure of victory and Allah, why can’t they show their faces?

  3. Sorry, wrong Bret Stephens article, my bad.

    “Dancing in the Nuclear Dark: How will we know when Iran sprints toward a bomb?” By Bret Stephens Feb. 3, 2014 (WSJ paywall)

    Where do federal government reports go once they’ve been published and (lightly) chewed over by second-tier officials, congressional staffers and think-tank wonks? I picture them being packed into crates and stored in some vast warehouse, like the Ark of the Covenant in the last scene of “Indiana Jones.”
    Every now and again, however, some of these reports are worth rescuing from premature burial.

    Most of it is here:

  4. “We will RUE-THE-DAY Obama let Iran get weeks to build nuclear bombs.” Stephens criticizes US White House strategy towards eliminating Iran’s nuclear weaponizing – as shifting from pre-emption to containment by prematurely lifting economic sanctions.

    Watch it & weep:

    Alternatively, there’s transcript of sorts in the Comments section. I’ll copy & paste it here, if you like.

  5. #1.

    OHMYGOD! Since I saw this, I have lost sleep over it. There are atrocities which might have even been worse, but this one somehow makes me physically ill.
    What is the design of the woman’s dress? Someone suggested there was a blue Star of David?

    Since it is on Vlad Blog, I trust it is authentic. If so – this MUST be widely circulated, this MUST go viral.

  6. @Vederso: looking at that poor defenceless, silent, elegant woman slowly dying in front of our eyes, handled and watched by this vermin which – make no mistake – can be (and probably is) in our countries, protected by the despicable collaborators – our politicians – it makes you cry.

    We MUST send this video to go viral – SOMEONE in power with a moral compass MUST do something about this. I tried to even only explain it verbally to an acquaintance of mine tonight, she put the fingers in her ears – did not want to know about it. But I think certain things HAVE to be shoved down peoples’ throats – or they will continue.

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