News links for Feb 11 2014 – 1

1. Six men of African appearance viciously gang raped a white Australian girl

Daily Telegraph

2. British jihadist fighting in Syria posts Twitter ‘torture’ footage with caption: ‘Can’t wait for feeling you get when U just killed some1′

(I think the picture of the document about killing FSA members and why, is much much more important than his psychopathic tweets. Pic 5 of 7 of first series)

3. >Marine Le Pen’s Worldview: Oppose America, Embrace Iran

(Not sure what to make of this but Gatestone is the organization that fired Clare Lopez for a passing reference to Diana West’s excellent book on communist infiltration of the US Gov’t. Just wain is all)

4. First polio case since 2001 reported in Kabul

(I see the Taliban’s excellent program of killing volunteer medical workers who are there to inoculate children against a horrific disease is paying dividends! They brought the near-extinct disease back as it was allah’s will, and, with a little luck, Taliban suicide bombers will have to crutch walk their way to their targets in a few years as they likely will spend any foreign aid on explosives rather than any decent devices to assist walking. Keep it up boys. Next you need to bring leprosy back to Afghanistan so you can look on the outside how you are on the inside)

5. Britons ‘too ignorant’ for EU referendum: Top official says debate on Europe is so distorted that people could not make an ‘informed decision’

(And there you have it. The elitist supremacist attitude of the leftists believe you should only be allowed to vote if you agree with them. Hence communism and totalitarianism always hand in hand)

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9 Replies to “News links for Feb 11 2014 – 1”

  1. #1 Six of one, half a dozen of the other.
    #2 Killing a Muslim by another Muslim; first the rape of screwing of a child’s mind, then its the adult body. Totally LGBTQM
    #3 Embrace the pen. Rationality wins.
    #4 Not polio but an evil Jinn.
    #5 polititions too ignorant to be Ministers. Communists own these twits.

  2. Syria crisis: ‘First UK jihadist’ in suicide attack (BBC, Feb 11, 2014)
    “UK officials believe a British man may have carried out a suicide bombing in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo last week. If confirmed, this would be the first known such attack by a Briton in Syria. The al-Qaeda-linked rebel group in Syria, al-Nusra Front, named the man as Abu Suleiman al-Britani. He is thought to be from Sussex. Hundreds of British nationals are reported to have gone to Syria to fight against government forces. One in 10 foreign militants is believed to be from Europe, while most of the others are thought to have come from Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and Libya…”

  3. Iraq violence: Militants kill 15 soldiers near Mosul (BBC, Feb 11, 2014)
    “Militants have killed 15 soldiers guarding an oil pipeline in a pre-dawn raid on their camp in northern Iraq and kidnapped another, officials say. The assailants were able to gain access to the facility in the village of Ayn al-Jahish, south of Mosul, because they were wearing military uniforms.
    Security sources in Nineveh said 14 of the soldiers were beheaded and the other shot dead and hung from a gate. They said they feared for the life of the soldier seized by the militants. An armoured military vehicle was also taken, and the sources said they suspected it might be used to mount further attacks…”

  4. Police: Militants behead, shoot Iraqi soldiers, killing 14 (CNN, Feb 11, 2014)
    “Militants raided an Iraqi military base in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul early Tuesday, killing 14 Iraqi soldiers in a shooting and beheading rampage, Mosul police officials said. The militants — believed to be with al Qaeda-linked groups — arrived in about 10 vehicles, police said. They shot some soldiers and beheaded others before leaving the area, according to police. The attack happened at a base in the south of Mosul, which is about 420 kilometers (261 miles) north of the country’s capital, Baghdad. Mosul is in the predominantly Sunni Muslim province of Nineveh. Political and sectarian violence has raged in Iraq in the past year, often pitting Sunnis — a minority in Iraq — against Shiite Muslims…”

  5. Military Chief Ordered Purge Of Bin Laden Body Pictures: Email (nbcnew, Feb 11, 2014)
    “A purge on pictures of Osama bin Laden’s corpse was ordered by the U.S. military’s top special operations officer, a newly-released email showed Tuesday. In a message sent 11 days after the al Qaeda founder’s death, Adm. William McRaven told unidentified staff that all photographs, particularly those of Bin Laden’s remains should have been turned over to the CIA. “If you still have them, destroy them immediately,” he wrote on May 13, 2011. Bin Laden was killed by a special operations team in Pakistan on May 2. The email was obtained under a freedom of information request by the conservative legal group Judicial Watch and released Monday … Judicial Watch’s president Tom Fitton said Monday that the email “is a smoking gun, revealing both contempt for the rule of law and the American people’s right to know.””

    (Iraq/Mosul ended up as a double post – sorry about that.)

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